Open letter to Parliamentary Secretary, Youth Resources and Sports

I hope this letter finds you in good spirit and sound health. Without beating around the bush, I would like to bring forward my point out straight. That Sir, whilst the other north-eastern states like Mizoram, Manipur, Meghalaya , Assam, Sikkim and the lot have been growing at rapid pace in bringing about development with regards to sports management and infrastructure, Nagaland is lagging way behind. I would like to point out to one sport in particular, Sir, which is football. There is no lack of talented players in Nagaland. It is hugely popular in our state. There is always a football tournament going on every now and then. However, the tragedy of our present time is that as popular as it might be, the state of Nagaland does not even have a single modest or proper football stadium, forget about state-of-the art stadiums. The football pitches are no worse than potholes present on the roads of Nagaland. When it rains, the pitches are muddy; fit only for off-road motor racing. There are hardly any blade of grass on our football pitches.


Sir, the reason why I’m addressing this letter to you is because I, like many, believe in your leadership and quality. The rest of the states are surging ahead. If provided the proper infrastructure and guidance, who’s to say our fellow Naga brothers and sisters can’t make it on the big stage? Such an initiative would also go a long way in reducing the unemployment level of our state. It is indeed a sad state of affairs that our Naga brothers and sisters are deprived of opportunities when they clearly have the skills and the appetite to make it through.


Sir, in consultation with the Nagaland Football Association, you can help realize the dreams of many a Naga footballer. We are living in interesting times in a rapidly changing world and I, for one, believe that Nagaland and its people deserve a fair shot at the prize. The sooner, the better.
Thanking you
In hope and prayer,
I Longkumer,  Dimapur