Opium Verse

-Mongshai Longshe

What wisdom did bequest?
What knowledge did infest?
Look at your village; my village,
Scarred by inebriated damage.
Land cries,
Family tries.


What hellish villainy,
This miserable symphony?
What great jealousy of fate,
Did drunkenness make pain abate?
My troubled mind and brain,
Their happy mind and cocaine.


What happiness did take away?
Who will give us array?
We tally glories killed,
They count maddling pill.
These venomous serpent of today
Luringly hissing takes innocence away.
These many frail animals entire,
Which thin dragon cannot breath fire?
Falling in the dungeon of misery,
Those drug struck show fake bravery.
Look at my ancestors’ grave,
See, my generation is not brave.


What bloody lands of today!
What great suffering!
No, I don’t want this,
I don’t want to write
Opium verses again.


The writer is a student of St. Joseph University, Dimapur. The above poem is an excerpt from her book, “Book of Emotins: Unstained.” It condemns the use of drugs by many youngsters of this present generation.