Orangkong villagers express dismay

Longleng, November 23 (MExN): The Orangkong villagers under Longleng district were left in “dismay” as the much anticipated visit by the Governor of Nagaland PB Acharya on November 22 “ended in chaos among the people of Orangkong village.”


Orangkong Village Council (OVC), Chairman, B. Chamchei in a press release said that “the Governor himself has chosen to visit (Orangkong village) during his tour to Longleng district.”


The OVC chairman said that the villagers including school children, who were supposed to be studying for final exams including KG class students waited for an hour in queue, senior citizens and the other populace of the village particularly those participants who were to accord traditional welcome to the Governor had to bear the burn of the winter chill. “However, without informing, the Governor has actually headed towards helipad, even though his warning vehicle arrived at the Organkong village for the reasons which remain unknown to the village authority,” the OVC alleged in the press release.


The village council also mentioned that the village authority was informed by the District Administration and NGOs for the proposed visit to the village by the Governor and advised the village authority to prepare for his visit in a befitting manner. “As such the villagers had spent a week time preparation in a run-up to the proposed visit by the Governor of Nagaland,” lamented the OVC chairman.


Further, it stated that the village authority wonders as “to what made the Governor to cancel his schedule only to the dismay of the villagers.”



Governor conveys regret



Kohima(MExN): In connection to the visit of the Governor PB Acharya to Orangkong village, the PRO Raj Bhavan Kohima today clarified in a press statement that as a part of Governor’s District tours, PB Acharya, Governor visited Longleng on November 22. “According to the programme, Governor was supposed to visit Orangkong village between 1:15 pm to 2:00 pm. However, the Governor could arrive the village gate at 2:05 pm, almost late by 50 minutes,” the PRO stated.


It cited that since there is restriction in flying of helicopter in afternoon in the hilly areas, the programme at Orangkong village had to be cancelled at the last moment though Governor had a sincere desire to visit Orangkong village.


In view of the circumstances, Governors’ Secretariat has expressed “regrets for the inconvenience caused to the general public, villagers, village elders and the student bodies and all other stakeholders.” Further, the PRO added that “Governor desires to visit Orangkong village during his next round of tour at an earliest convenient time.”