The origin of “Youth and potential bad influence”

Kinthuilung (Kin)



The word “origin” is a big issue, and it is a matter of a great deal as everything has its own origin. In term of locating and finding the origin, some are complicated to indicate whereas some are easy to notice them. So, it is not easily a decisive issue. However, One interesting fact is that everyone has curiosity to know the origin of the known matters or unknown ones since complete solutions of all problems of divers kind can be achieved to most possibly greatest extent or most satisfactorily namely through the basic nature of origin.


For instance, medical examination- initially, professional examiner is tracing back to the origin of the any physical problem. The main purposes are to get the appropriate and right solutions of the whys, the when, and the how of the physical issues. Indeed, this intended examination is going to yield an important and satisfying answer; therefore, obtaining origin of anything is consequential, may be easy matter or difficult issue.


As the dictionary says origin means beginning or starting point or source; so, the following discussion is going to deal rigorously on the beginning or starting point of the given topic-“Youth and potential bad influence.”These attempts will, at any rate, unearth the origin and its possible remedies of the current issues-the victimised wayward youths- through biblical perspective.


New Testament understanding of youth

First Timothy 4: 12says that let no one despise you for your “youth,” set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity.


Clare Drury, a New Testament scholar, maintained that Apostle Paul advised Timothy, a youth of mid-twenties or early or mid- thirties, to set an example by his behaviour and manner. This is indeed a statutory and best advice given to the youth like Timothy. As a matter of fact, all youths are being necessitated such advice. Although a good deal of youths are given this wholesome advice through familial, and especially parental means, yet some youths are still going astray of the right path.


Comparatively considering the life of Timothy and present category of youths, Timothy was indeed leading an exemplary life, and who in turn earned a good name. This youth, as a result, contributed a good deal to the edification of the churches, and expansion of gospel (Acts 16.1). On the other hand the present youths do totally otherwise. This is, in fact, characterised by the current nature of their eccentric behaviour, involvement of unwanted activities, and immoral living. Specifically mentioning, drugs, alcohol, immoral aspect etc. are being clothed compatibly and suitably by the current youths.


One of ensuing consequences is vividly obvious, that is, mainly “de-glorification of God.” Not only this but also impacting adversely societal establishment, all communities and societies. And significantly, paving the indelible negative path for the future generation.


This points to the fact that immediate remedy, and suitable solution is indispensable to stop, once and for all, this cancerous-like disease. Indeed, demanding greatly for unanimous human effort in every way and form to eradicate completely this potential disease. It is no fair to overlook the untiring efforts of NGOs, governmental organisations etc.


But in order to get overall satisfying solution one needs to be aware of biblical perspective of encountering such non-biblical reflection and image. Since the victimized and wayward youths are diametrically against the scriptural principle, they have to be made them right employing scriptural tools and instruments. If not, otherwise- the effort will be rather continually progressive no getting efficacy.


Biblical mandate

Matthew 22. 37 plainly say that “you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.”All people are obligatory to follow the biblical mandate otherwise the foundation of every establishment is being shaken. This loosen base will disturb all possible forms of relationships, and finally forming “loophole” for potential influence of bad capacity.


In fact, “love” in this verse is a verb. It is not a mere naming word nor simply indication of fact, but it has to be interpreted into action. This gives the reality that this nature of action is to maintain perfect relationship with God. On the other hand, it is suffice to say that some people fail in this important matter or biblical mandate namely because the relationships maintaining by all wayward youths depict some best reasons. They the wayward youths are continuing firmly a relationship with bad influence through giving utmost importance to drugs, alcohol, and immorality, and most of all the virtue of utter disobedience.


Therefore, one needs to check the beginning of bad influence and totally fill in the gap created for significance of bad influence through the ignorance of God’s words, and negligence of implementation of biblical mandate into action.


Parental advice matter

Common parental advice is very significant since this fact sets a parameter between good and bad. For instance, all parents are certainly advising their wards that drug abuse is bad, alcohol consumption is not advisable, pre-marital sex is not good. Not only this but also informing their children about the reality of consequences. This kind of obligatory advice in a way of information is important as it is restraining children from bad activities.


Still then, some children are disobeying the words of their parents and involving in unwanted activities out of curiosity. This new formation of substance- abuse stage gradually develop and fully mature into the stage of youths. However, the stage of wayward youths does not come easily as pizza delivery in metropolitan city. It takes a whole lot of time to develop into maturity.


This learning stage of child needs a lot of guidance. Without which, the child is most likely to become disobedience. No proper guidance will be likely as not led the learning child to chaotic domain. This establishes a rigid norm that all children are required proper guidance to develop and become obedient youths.


Traditionally, parents are a good informer. They are informing their wards of bad activities, drug abuse and its effects, using of alcohol and its results, and also the unfavourable consequences of disobeying the parents. Children, on the other hand, are being well- informed and are very much aware of the bad practices, and their potentiality around them; but some parents are failing to interpret their words into action or lead an exemplary life. Monumentally, they are not following “biblical mandate” which is the basic basis of life and living. As a ramification, important role of parents are being played incompetently, and this chronically negligence of biblical mandate further affecting the whole family.


Family matter

Family is a God-given institution. It is meant to be God-fearing family or Christian family in other words. Every family is “a must” to embrace biblical mandate wholeheartedly. Instead of making a genuine Christian family, most likely, the current trend of establishing family is lacking of scriptural norms, and it is highly demanding for proper correction. This fact of depraved- Christian family, in turn, is affecting all the members of family. Consequently, all bad capacities are being permeated into the life of all members.



The problem of becoming wayward youth is directly related to the condition of family. Family, as everyone clearly aware that, is an institution where all basic lessons of life are begun and being taught. If family is not well-founded, members are most likely to be become deficiency in every area. The nature of family is determined by the essence of parents. If the parents are incompetent, the condition of family is most probably to be become deteriorating.


If each individual of parents is corrupted, this affects all the aspects of family, and mainly the youths. Hence, each depraved individual of parents is beginning point of wayward youths. So, the origin of the phrase “Youth and potential bad influence” is basically derived from the depraved stage of each individual of parents. This indeed is paving an indelible negativity of path, which the youths are easily treading upon. In turn, “potential bad influence” is engulfing easily the life of youths. Consequently, youths are becoming victimised and wayward to greatest degree.



Now a day, biblical values are being neglected by almost everyone. This virtue of negligence leads to ignorance of proper conduct in life, and living. Consequentially, maintaining broken relationship with God by all individuals. This disconnection to the source of life is causing the youths to choose a negative path solely.


The Holy Bible never contradict the fact of perfect rules and principles, which are deriving from God, and these have to be firmly maintained and strictly followed by all mankind. As the contents of the Bible give the reality that “all scripture is breathed out by God (2 Timothy3. 16).” This biblical contents clearly depicts that all scripture, using as a tool, is very much requisite to forge anyone a righteous personality. Therefore, all youths must have a bearing of Timothy and live as Timothy.