‘Orwell Rolls in his Grave’

Dr. Asangba Tzüdir


The present political condition has once again created a destructive situation that is harmful to the welfare of the people and the society. The legislators are once again at the forefront of the current comical spectacle. A heartening case is that, in their pursuit of power as an end to their ‘vested interests,’ they have forgotten the people they serve and have lost all their moral sense of responsibility as leaders.


What the right thinking public should be asking now rather than clapping to their gimmick is a simple straight question: ‘Where is your moral principle and integrity as a leader?’


In the ‘evolution’ of our legislators in the field of a new trend of politics, it has been the pursuit of power rather than for the welfare of the people. This is something neither expected from elected leaders nor did the public put the trust in them to play such a seriously cheap politics.


Initially, the ‘opposition-less’ was much celebrated but as the ‘game of thrones’ started, the real danger unfolded and now we are witness to a condition of ‘opposition within the ‘opposition-less’ and it has proved to be more destructive.


Now in a state of ‘political uncertainty’, another general election is coming with speculations of an early election. But whatever the case may be, the public is now losing trust in such a kind of leadership that is primarily concerned about power and their selfish interests.


Besides looking after the good life of the people, the public looks up to our government and legislators to seriously address the issues that are hampering the development and overall growth of our State. Pertinent ones are the Naga Political issue, the Nagaland-Assam border issue, the inner line permit issue, issues of corruption, etc. It seems like the government does not have the heart and mind to address these issues nor is it in their priority list.


What is the response of the public? Will the public still repose trust and vote for these leaders in the next general election? It is now the responsibility of the public to strengthen one’s moral integrity and vote for the right leader who has a vision. Or, the choice is still open, and if the public wants to continue the same trend, the same legislators can be voted back to power again. But why vote for someone whose main objective is to hold on to power. Why vote for someone who enjoys a life king size and builds a ‘good life’ at the cost of the public. Just a peanut example – whose money was it that financed the many Kaziranga trips and their fooding and lodging rentals?


It is when one loses their sense of moral integrity and principle that, as a leader, the basic political right to a good life, and having equal concern and respect towards its citizens is ignored to selfish ends. That, the state is obliged and bound by duty to treat each person, being subjects of the state, as a moral and political equal and also give equal concern and respect while catering to the needs of its own subjects.


The legislators can act responsibly “if and only if” they are necessarily guided by ‘the principle of the moral.’ For now, as a leader and a legislator, they seem to have lost every sense of moral integrity and responsibility towards the state and to the people whom they (claim to) govern. The question is, will the public try anything different to stop this Orwellian condition?


(Dr. Asangba Tzüdir contributes a weekly guest editorial to The Morung Express. Comments can be mailed to asangtz@gmail.com)