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PAC-NCD clarifies on WC-NNPGs’ allegations

DIMAPUR, NOVEMBER 8 (MExN): The Public Action Committee (PAC), NCD has clarified to the allegations leveled by the Working Committee (WC) of the Naga National Political Groups (NNPGs). 

A clarification and rebuttal note issued by media cell, PAC-NCD on Friday stated that it has, since inception, being vocal in advocating the desire of the public of ‘One government one tax’ and have been fighting strongly against multiple illegal collection of money by both state and non state actors, and therefore sparing none. 

The PAC said it have never encountered any direct confrontation with the NNPGs with regard to collection of tax and therefore said finds no truth that the PAC drive is a "threat to survival of NNPGs."

It stated that such unreasonable allegations leveled against the PAC only goes to interpret that the NNPGs condone such activities and sustain through such illegal collections.  The PAC also sought to point out that it have never prohibited any voluntary or generous contribution of any  business community or individual whatsoever and PAC has no legal authority to pick up /arrest workers from homes and put behind bars as alleged. 

The PAC said neither the committee nor any of its leaders should be held responsible for hunger and starvation of national workers while explaining that this is beyond “our scope of activity and domain.” 

Instead, PAC expressed regret that the Naga issue of "cadre survival" could be so downgraded that the survival is affected by the activity of "a Committee" that is only fighting against illegal collection. “It is a pride of every Naga to sustain our movement and therefore it pains the PAC that WC-NNPGs should issue statements of survival threat when Nagas have come thus far,” it pointed out. 

The PAC also strongly refuted the allegation that its drive was “anti-solution and ill-motivated.” It asserted that the Committee is concerned only on illegal collection of money; nothing more or nothing less. It also stated that PAC as a public driven committee have been trying to streamline what is legal and what is illegal as the public have been the most affected.  “The PAC instead of bringing anarchy was fighting against it, where state authority has drastically failed the people to differentiate and contain illegal collection that made the common man suffer beyond tolerance,” it added. 


‘Targeting individual leaders, families will not garner support nor bring unity’
The PAC meanwhile has strongly condemned the act of barging into the residence of K Ghokheto Chopy, co-convenor of PAC by 5 cadres allegedly belonging to the NNPGs between 5-6 am on November 7, insisting to take him to their camp.

The PAC convenor Vekhosayi Nyekha and co-convenor K. Ghokheto Chophy were also called to Khehoi camp, reprimanded and intimidated, it stated.  

“Targeting individual leaders and families will not garner support nor bring unity. The movement of PAC is a conglomeration of all Naga tribal hohos, all non-local communities and all frontal organisations of Dimapur. And all the activities initiated by PAC is solely for welfare of the people.  Therefore, whatever befalls on any leader or members of PAC, the WC-NNPG's shall be held solely responsible,” the PAC stated. 

The PAC hoped that wisdom prevails and no one flares up the issue at a time when every Naga look forward to peace and harmony to conclude the Indo- Naga settlement. 

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