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The paradox of 6th Sept: Violence is preventable, Peace is achievable

Dr. Dietho-o

Shallow waters are also noisy while clean waters run deep.


We have just observed 6th September as Peace or Ceasefire Day. It was also the Pochury ‘Black Day’ because of what had happened at Matikhrü in 1960. What a paradox!


The call of all Nagaland churches, led by NBCC, for Clean Election and “Let us reason together” is loud and clear.


We are all aware of the public mood with all pent-up feelings and emotions at simmering points everywhere. Mob psychology of violence has no role in a Christian state. There is an uneasy lull or quiet at all fronts. Battle lines are being drawn, people are being polarised and taking sides. It is the responsibility of every sensible citizen to work hard to prevent anything unwanted or ugly.


People will speak when the time comes.


In a democracy, there is always a proper way and a proper time. Together we can all work for a more peaceful and harmonising tomorrow.