Pathetic public transportation system: Whom to blame?

Pathetic public transportation system: Whom to blame?

Kunyangli Thonger: Whom do we blame about a shocking/poor if not third class public transportation system. Are we public too voiceless to raise voices on such issues?? Is our NGO leaders’ too dumb & blind living in their comfort zones giving no serious thoughts to its general public?? Is the government too deaf & blind to hear & see its subjects struggling?? I guess it is everyone’s responsibility but since the general public could not go/talk/settle in every issue we select our leaders to reach our voiceless suggestions to authority concerned, with these social obligations is rest upon our leaders. I am very sure our leaders have done many great things sacrificing their precious time and energy yet there are also many good things to be done in public interest. To shorten & more precise it’s high time for us to demand a good condition bus as our rotten NST bus No.NL.11-1940 i.e Kohima-Kiphire service is nearly reaching its scrap dealer… It is vacation season I wonder how will our people travel in loose seats, loose window glasses in 254 kms journey? Please do something at NGOs level… Ready to give my time to approach higher authority if need be.

NB:- this post is written in public interest and not a criticism. For more information & details the uploaded pictures of bus is delivered this morning from Kohima to Kiphire with some seats missing only iron frame left; So I kept my cousin’s luggage over that missing seats Thank you.

Hedungkiebe DK: A great man speaks upright. Great! you spoke out for everyone. Go on forwarding it….. till it reached the ears of our esteemed public leaders. Why should Kiphire get this rotten NST bus. Is it not our right to fight for a better one? Wake up dear friends.

Yanpvuo Yanfo Kikon: These politicians & big shots will buy Fortuners for themselves with public money but look at what they provide for the public!!! Unbelievably idiotic!

Atoba Longkumer: It’s better to privatise this NST on PPP model. It’s running at a loss in crores of rupees and doesn’t even provide quality service to our people.

Extreme case of bad management of public sector which is draining wealth from our exchequer.

Exorbitant price in Night Carnivals

Imkong A Chungtia: Well, as you can see there are many carnivals going on here in Nagaland which is both a business as well as an enjoyment on this festive season. But one thing that makes me sad is, the charges on food items or on silly toys which is double times higher than the normal days.

What, do you think our salary is increased during festive season?

I’m a low budget guy and I’m sure there are many youths like me out here.

So, what I was thinking a moment earlier was, why don’t we ( both rich and poor ) ignore those stalls that charges high rates so that this system doesn’t become one of our Naga tradition ?

Let’s teach them a lesson, common!!

I ain’t buying a single piece of meat which is equivalent to the price of 1kg of any meat. I’m not a show off guy to buy a piece of meat with 200rs.

If you’re a rich person and want to donate them some money, you can do that but don’t take the stuffs from the stall. Make them realize that their price is a Joke!

Just because they can cook something delicious which all total cost only 100rs, doesn’t meant they have to charge 500 Rs for That silly talent. Yes, Silly talent … comparing to the price and the amount of meat we’re getting.

Please avoid going to those type of stalls.
(If you’re offended, lower down the rates. )

Ayao Manpuhru: Very true, most people take festivals and carnivals as money making opportunity. They should maintain normal rate, people should not imitate the idea of underground in every field. Please stop looting people.