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Press Bureau, LDPN


The recent row now in the Central, is about freedom of speech and expression. In democratic India, article 19, 20, 21 and 22 clearly specifies the right to freedom; speech and expression, to the people. The current political situation in our State demands more participation of the people to raise concerns on the events that has transpired. We have enough educated resourceful individuals to point the ups and downs of the current distortions, both on state and national issues. Civil society/organizations, student leaders, concerned individuals and all the stakeholders should also coordinate and deliberate on prevailing issues.


Some of the current governance errors are: slow execution of developmental works, deaf ears of the Bureaucrats in realizing public schemes, resource negligence on State sponsored exam departments, police brutality, non transparency of the govt. in disclosing certain projects etc. In a govt. of the people and for the people, the legal opinions of the people should also be accounted for in governance or there are liabilities.


We appeal to all the legislators/politicians to have a more realistic outlook about the better enhanced future of our State and collectivism. If anyone or the above has any feedback or views, regarding our statements, they may declare it openly or communicate and address it.




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