The people need to insist on “clean candidates” for the Clean Elections Campaign to be effective? Why?

The people need to insist on “clean candidates” for the Clean Elections Campaign to be effective? Why?



Some of those who Some of those who voted YES had this to say: 

• Yes. At the heart of the Clean Election Campaign is Clean Candidates. How can we expect the present lot of politicians to run a clean election campaign, it is almost impossible. If we really mean business we need to identify the right people to stand for elections. This is the only way some change will come about.


• Yes it is very important to have “clean candidate for clean election”. The people should not accept those candidates with records of past corruption and incompetent of governing. Honest up-to-date youth candidate should be the change in our society.


• Yes, because election code of conduct and penalty for violation exist. Clean election, though a good intent is redundant and not likely to bring desired changes.


• Yes, it’s need of the hour


• Yes, only then changes will take place gradually. With the same sitting MLAs contesting again, it will be like old wine in a new bottles. We badly need good leaders to take us forward and to keep at par with the other progressing societies/ states. The concern constituencies need to select and send a righteous person to govern us.


• Yes. No one has ventured into the idea of Clean candidates not even NBCC. The worst activities that are done by political leaders are never confronted by the church or public. We need to examine deeply as to who is working for clean election. Sometimes, the workers can be tainted. That is more dangerous.


• Clean candidate is the need of the hour but they should be a visionary person, should have passion to serve the society and bring positive impact.


• Yes, for clean election people need to insist clean candidate. to implement clean election each & every churches must come forward under one umbrella & educate the common people at the grassroots level besides the Church & village council must work hand in hand to implement successfully.


• First, Yes .. We need clean candidates to contest in elections to be our representatives to the government. We won’t be needing the initiative of “Clean Elections” if at all the politicians contesting the elections were clean, honest hard working individuals. However, in the expanse of the Nagaland Political Scenario we have not seen a single Politician with even an ounce of integrity. Therefore, the Churches/NGO’s have to assert and campaign on clean elections.


• Yes, Without clean candidates it means nothing.


• Yes, tomorrow I will not be surprise to hear an theologian contesting in election for least they know that it’s now safe to play with God by corrupting more in already corrupt society…see around religious leaders yogi, etc..they not only rule the better and effectively but helps in spreading their religious views stronger…likewise I don’t think it’s wrong even for church or holy people to enter politics…politics is good if played by good people.


• Yes, Only the clean election will lift naga society from the deep of abyss.


Some of those who voted NO had this to say: 

• No, because this is not practical.


• So far No clean man or candidates in our Nagas society we all are well train in to corruption. Unless man of born again Christian in Christ that fear the lord and blind to money and own luxury like Moses. We the Naga will never be. So BIG NO.


• It is a good thought. But, realistically it is impossible, so I vote No. All candidates are not good. It is for the people to decide which is the best candidate for them.


• Clean Election has nothing to do with the candidates. It has everything to do with the voters. A candidate will not force money, position or other personal benefits upon you if you choose to refuse. The success of clean election is within you. Clean Candidates will only be a by-product of Clean Election.


• No, everybody say big words on social media but when time comes, money comes, everybody fails.Some of those


who voted OTHERS had this to say: 

• Clean electorates are what we need. Voting for money, personal gain, clanism, village affiliation, tribal affiliation is undoing us. If the electorates are clean then only the clean candidates stands a chance to win.


• If we are real serious about Clean Election in Nagaland then there need to be an initiative from org. like NBCC to make the candidates pledge in Bible in front of public that if elected fairly without use of money etc, they will do 100% developmental works during their tenure…then only public can trust a little and do fairly….or else at this point of time to expect something from money mongers politicians and their frequent shift here and there … who trust them.• Never going to happen anyway. Dream on!!!


• When Clean Election topic crops up we remember how Sir Huzo bore the brunt. Who are the voters? All under the church umbrella and born again Christians. God must be testing us.


• Christian not by birth but by blood is the need of the hour. Soaked in water is like taking bath where after a couple of days, will get dirty amidst the polluted environment.


• I appreciate of clean election campaign policy meanwhile very much afraid that if it makes the church very dirty.


• Schools should start exercising the process of democratically electing a clean and efficient leader right within the classes starting from the lower standards. The class monitor should not be chosen or selected by the teachers but through democratic voting process. The nominated candidates should be allowed to campaign and give speeches to the classes as part of the campaign and even debating sessions should be organized amongst the candidates. Then only we will know how and why a clean and rightful candidate needs to be nominated. Yes and the peoples desire for clean election, they should also learn to nominate clean candidates. Otherwise I’m afraid it may not work out good.