People’s Day for the hill and valley people held

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Imphal | December 15

Manipur Chief Minister, Biren Singh said that the StateGovernment had requested the Centre to allow fresh enrolment of genuinefamilies in the Socio-Economic Caste Census (SECC) database and discarded allthe wrongful entries/beneficiaries.

He was speaking to reporters on the sidelines of thePeople’s Day for the hill and the valley people held at the Durbar Hall ofChief Minister’s Secretariat in Imphal today.

Biren conveyed that the state Government had started takingup necessary steps for Assembly Constituency-wise re-survey of genuinehouseholds to enroll them in the SECC. He added that many needy people anddeserving households were found left out while many well-to-do families wereincluded in the SECC database compiled in 2011. Due to this irregularity, manygenuine families are not able to avail benefits and opportunities under variousGovernment schemes, he said.

Stating that he is extremely concerned about this gaffe, NBiren Singh said that he would not spare the officials involved in thewrongdoing because about 37 per cent of the total population of the State arestill under Below Poverty Line (BPL) despite huge funds been invested to upliftthe needy people.

Responding to a query regarding a Public Interest Litigation(PIL) filed against holding of People’s Day, Biren said that it is embarrassingfor the state to witness such an instance. Elected leaders ought to meet andinteract with common people to attend to their complaints/grievances, he saidwhile adding that filing PIL against it is nothing but dirty politics.

Regarding the strike of Senior Residents of Jawaharlal NehruInstitute of Medical Sciences (JNIMS), the Chief Minister appealed to thedoctors to call off the stir as the medical service/profession is part ofessential service. The State Government is always ready to fulfill any demandwhich is permissible under the rules and regulations but the Government ishelpless in the matters which the rules do not permit.

With respect to requirement of Fire Stations in differentparts of the state, he informed media persons that the state Government hadsubmitted Rs 260-crore proposal to the Centre for the establishment of moreFire Stations in different districts and recruitment of manpower.

In today’s joint People’s Day, the Chief Minister attendedto over 400 complaints and met around 1200 people.