Peren DPDB discusses development agendas

Peren, September 6 (DIPR): The monthly meeting of the Peren District Planning & Development Board (DPDB) for the month of September was held on the 6th at DPDB Hall. The meeting was chaired by Deputy Commissioner and Vice Chairman of Peren DPDB.


Agendas including opening up of Sub-Centre at Jalukie, recommendation for issue of permit to ply a private bus from Peren to Dimapur, up-gradation of Government High School, Tening to higher secondary level and introduction of science stream at Government Higher Secondary School, Peren from the next academic session were approved and recommended for the consideration of higher authorities.


Later, ADC Tening highlighted urgent matters including posting of bank staffs, road maintenance during monsoon and plying of a regular NST bus service from Tening to Dimapur to be taken up, to ease the plight of the people in the Sub-Division.


The DC called on the members to co-operate and sincere discharge their duties in lieu of the forthcoming general election. The Board formally approved the LADP Programme, 2017-2018 for 6-Tening A/C and 7-Peren A/C during the meeting. The Board also formed an Inter- District Badminton Organizing Committee.


School Education and Medical Departments highlighted their departmental activities through power point presentation. The Department of Planning, DEF and Taxes have been requested to present power point of their departmental activities in the next meeting.