A Student’s Perspective on Human Resource Management

A Student’s  Perspective on Human Resource Management

As a student of BBA, taking up HRM as my specialised paper, I feel that it is appropriate to give my personal perspective on the subject. I would like to share my interest of interacting with different kinds of people because it will help me to know and learn various personalities which ultimately will lead to strengthen my interpersonal skills.Also, it is one of the important skills to develop as a management student. Through this article,I have tried to give a clearer and personal approach to the subject.


Human Resource is considered as the backbone of any organisation. Most successful organisation claims that human resources are their most important asset, and that effective management of human resources is central to their business strategy. This has led to an increase in job opportunities as well as resulted in the increased significance of Human Resource Management. Human Resource can be defined as labour as well as all the employees within the entire organisation regardless of ranks. For every organisations needs labour in order to maintain the productivity of every sectorbecause labour plays a very important role in the organisation as well as in the economy.The role of HR in a company affects all aspects of the organisations, why because HR supports employees and employees are the most important resource. Therefore, of all the tasks of HR Manager, managing the human component is the central and most important task it all depends upon how well it is done.Most specifically, HRM involves determining the organisations’ need of human resources, recruiting and selecting the best available employees for the right job, imparting training and development, rewarding and employee welfare, motivating employees, resolving disputes, communicating with employees at all levels and much more. Any organization, without a proper setup for HRM is bound to suffer from serious problems while managing its regular activities. For this reason, today, companies put a lot of effort and energy into setting up a strong and effective HRM.


Human Resource Management creates a lot of difference in enhancing the productivity of the employees. At the heart of every successful business lies the human resources team who drive all aspects of staff management. Here are a few benefits that human resource professionals can bring to the workplace:


Conflict resolutions: Workplace conflict is somewhat inevitable as employees have different personalities, lifestyles and work ethic. While doing the human resource management course, you’ll be taught how to handle conflict in the workplace and how to resolve it. You’ll also be taught how to handle the situation as professionally as possible.


Employee satisfaction: Human resource specialists are usually charged with the responsibility of determining employee satisfaction. As a human resource management student, you’ll learn how to set up surveysfocus group and interview strategies to help you determine whether employees are content or not. Human resource professionals determine what the underlying causes are for employee dissatisfaction and they address those issues and motivate staff members with creative solutions. They try to find out what exactly these problems are that employees are facing and look for ways to assist them where needed.


Improve employee performance: Human resources teams develop performance management systems. If a company doesn’t have a human resource professional, candidates can easily get a job without having the necessary skills and expertise for the position. And for this reason, human resources are needed in every workplace.


Training and development: Human resource departments conduct needs assessments for employees to determine the type of skills training and employee development programmes that are required for improvement and additional qualifications. Every startup or company in a growth phase can benefit from identifying training needs for its staff. It’s less expensive to hire additional staff or more qualified candidates. This can also reduce your company’s employees turnover and improve employee retention.


Career Prospects: Excellent employment opportunities exist for HR aspirants. Almost every company whether big or small has an HR department. They play a vital role from the point when an employee appears for the interview till they take exit from the company and involved in recruitment, placement, induction, training and development, promotion, performance appraisal, employee’s overall welfare and at last employees exit. Their work is all about workforce management and that’s the reason they are in great demand in private firms and in multinational companies.


Jobs for HRM can be found in Hotels, Airlines, Food and Beverage Industries, Construction and Engineering companies, Export – Import Houses, IT firms, Medical and Healthcare, hospitals, Banks, NGOs, Media, educational institutes and also in governmental organisations. These days universities and colleges offer placement assistance to their students so you can grab a good job offer through your college also.


Another area of job opportunity for HRM is HR consultants which are also in great demand. They basically outsource people from one country to another as per the job requirements and also act as career guides to students who are not sure about the career prospects ahead.


Also one can work in consultancies which provide placement opportunities to people looking for jobs in MNCs and private sector firms.