To help the poor, get rid of their cash

The recent ad spot for M-Kesho, the groundbreaking mobile phone-linked bank account launched earlier this year in Kenya, is endearingly playful. To gently teasing music, a man with a jar of coins digs a gigantic hole in an empty grass field. He sticks his jar deep in the mud, but finds that the hole he’s […]

What will 2011 bring?

A new year! A new decade! As we emerge from our merry-making and celebrations, the above heading may seem cautious, even apprehensive or skeptical to some. But it can also be a really honest question that goes through the heart and pierces the mind of every Naga.   Having opened this piece with such a neutral […]

The Plight of the Orphans: Do you Care?

Delphine Riviere, an adoptive parent from central France, holds Haitian child, Erika, on her arrival in France for adoption, at Roissy airport, outside Paris. (AP File Photo)   A loving girl who had lost her parents when she was a toddler told me one mother’s day, “at least I have seen my father in a […]

Pentagon Whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg: Julian Assange is Not a Terrorist

After WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was arrested in London an international group of former intelligence officers and ex-government officials released a statement in support of his work. We speak to one of the signatories, Daniel Ellsberg, the famous whistleblower who leaked the Pentagon Papers about the Vietnam War in 1971. “If I released the Pentagon […]

Christmas at Tuli

Tuli is perhaps one of the most beautiful and ideally located towns in the State in every way. Nestled along the bank of the Milak River, the town has a good number of hillocks, streams, plain and high areas, and a lot of space to grow. The age-old locally popular Tuli River flows through the […]

Collective rights top 2010 headlines

Bucket-wheel excavators: The most destructive machines on the planet? The bucket-wheel excavator has long scoured the lignite fields of western Germany, erasing whole villages and leaving a trail of bad soil and salty water. At 300 feet tall and 600 feet long, the largest bucket wheel excavators are the biggest land vehicles ever made. Though […]

Let Them Be Heard

Along with the rest of the world and its myriad of societies, our homeland (Nagaland) has also been awakened with a challenge- to mould and tell about the silent minds and bodies, more commonly known as the Disabled people. Literally, INCULSION can be their plight to the people. This will educate and help to enable […]

Stand By Me

I think about you all the time. . . It’s a lot hard to sleep at night, When I couldn’t hear your sweet voice The way you care, my feelings inside; How hard it is to tell you how much I long you to be here always. . .   I’m in love with you […]

Happiness 101: Less tweeting, more meeting

Studies show that happiness is directly linked to conversations that are substantial, not superficial. Yet our communications are dominated by quick electronic exchanges. In a high-stress era like ours, we need to tap into our most valuable resource – each other. That’s why I talk to strangers. On my Metro ride to and from work […]

Judgment that risks tainting democracy

QUESTIONS:Is the maximalist sentence (life imprisonment) justified? Dr. Binayak Sen after the court’s pronouncement. (Photo: Special Arrangement)   Indian law affords Binayak Sen one automatic right to appeal, and another at the discretion of the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, given the visible disparity between the quality of allegations against him and the repercussions, the judgment is […]

Education & society

‘Society’ is the only word that brings the people together as one. Centuries back our forefathers settled in groups and roamed around in groups in search of food, shelter, etc. Though they were not literate and educated they were happy living in groups and were able to satisfy their needs. Today our society has turned […]

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