Prophetic message to the world

While fasting and praying at Healing centre Pughoboto on 19/11/2010, time 9:36 am God revealed His prophetic message through His servant, the prophetic conveying to the world. Motto: Mathew 5:9. Deut 12:31/ 32:24. Mabakkuk 2:2-3. Amos 3:7. The word of God expressly says:-1.    “The Lord has given all his hidden wisdom and knowledge. Great and […]

Indigenous Peoples' Involvement in National Politics

Summary, Strategies, Recommendations General SummaryIndigenous peoples in all regions face similar problems concerning their involvement in national politics. The summary of this current state of things is as follows: 1. Most indigenous peoples are marginalized. Their land and resources are being systematically and unjustly taken away, mainly by governments, multinational companies, and business groups. They […]

What is self-determination?

What is most widely implied in the term self-determination is the right to participate in the democratic process of governance and to influence one’s future – politically, socially and culturally. Self-determination embodies the right for all peoples to determine their own economic, social and cultural development. Self-determination has thus been defined by the International Court […]

Joyless homecoming

A bumpy ride from North Tripura’s Kanchanpur to Naisingpara — the largest settlement of Bru refugees in Tripura – brings one face-to-face with the trauma of thousands of Bru refugees who have been living there for 13 years now. Way back in 1997, almost 50,000 people from the Bru community fled from the Mammit district […]

Judicial confusion, governmental inaction and illegal immigration

The State of Arunachal Pradesh is currently facing a crisis as illegal Chakma immigrants from Bangladesh continue to arrive surreptiously in the state. The situation is complicated by the imprecise language of the Supreme Court decision in National Human Rights Commission v. State of Arunachal Pradesh, which is often mistakenly interpreted as granting citizenship to […]

Media Values : The world accepts one man’s convictions

One of the latest books and, perhaps, one of the most important for humanity in its search for right values and directions, (in the sense of the communications industry finding inspiration and for this industry to, in turn, inspire and feed the minds of the human family), has just been brought out. This 199-page book […]

Democracy & freedom redefined

At the end of the first decade of the 21st century, concepts like freedom, peace and information have acquired new meanings. Internal debate in democracies is giving a new meaning to old concepts The easiest way to solve a problem is to deny it exists”, said Isaac Asimov. On this the first working day of […]

The need for new paradigm’s

BACKGROUNDNorth East India (NEI) comprises of 8 states that are straddled by the Eastern Himalayas and are co-joined to the Indian mainland by the narrow 33KM “chicken’s neck” north of Bangladesh. The Eastern Himalayan mountain range forms a 1,500-mile-long barrier that separates the lowlands of the Indian subcontinent from the high, dry Tibetan plateau. The […]

Orissa’s wonder women

There is a check dam in Laxmipur village, R Udayagir gram panchayat, in Orissa’s Gajapati district, which irrigates around 40 acres of land belonging to 70 small and marginal farmers. Premlata Raita, 48, the woman sarpanch of R Udayagir is the person responsible for the dam. Indeed, she has initiated several projects under the Mahatma […]

Five Fingers of Tibet

Mao Zedong, the first Chairman cum President of the independent People’s Republic of China, had spent more time to assess weaknesses of India than Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Premier of independent India, wasted in apprehending China’s strength – whether driven by communism or by nationalism. Nehru’s fantasies with proving ideological supremacy of western liberalism over […]

Changing the face of education

Political analysts may have their own explanations as to what were the factors that thwarted an ‘anti-incumbency’ tide in Bihar and turned it completely in favour of Mr Nitish Kumar, but definitely his approach to education problems in the State played a role. People of Bihar has drafted to dustbin the loudmouths who had ruined […]