Hawking kills gods, philosophers

Maybe it is the desire to sell books that makes Stephen Hawking claim the death of God and the death of Philosophy. (If you’re in the UK, you can listen Hawking make this claim here.) M-theory, a variant of string theory, offers many possibe values for the cosmological constants and therefore many possible shapes of […]

Where there are no drugs: TB-HIV dilemma for migrants

In  late October 2010, a large group of people living in and around Mae Sot, Tak province were closing in on a terrible ‘milestone’ of sorts: all of them – over 60 migrant children, women and men – were living with HIV and taking antiretroviral (ARV) drugs, which they needed to stay alive. Some were […]

War-torn childhood of the Lost Boys of Sudan

MEMORIES: Deng-Athoi Galuak in his apartment in Norcross, Georgia, with documents relating to his time in a refugee camp, the first time he has seen them, and Ajak Dau Akech with a hard copy of his refugee identification document. (PHOTOS: AJC-NEW YORK TIMES/AP)   When Deng-Athoi Galuak walked into the refugee camp in Ethiopia, he […]

Birth and Hope

With the dramatic arrival of my baby boy on November 28, 2010, I have finally managed to join the prestigious club of fatherhood riding on an elated hope that this little angel would eventually make his daddy’s head held high in an otherwise ordinary and routine existence. In the twist and turn of life, his […]

The dark side of globalisation

Although we may not have yet reached “the end of history,” globalisation has brought us closer to “the end of geography” as we have known it. The compression of time and space triggered by the Third Industrial Revolution —roughly, since 1980 — has changed our interactions with the international environment. For many, globalisation — the […]

Two-state solution hits roadblock

Popular support in Israel for a land-for-peace deal collapsed years ago, but now the Palestinians are losing faith in a two-state future. For, they believe that no Israeli politician would ever have political courage to halt Jewish settlements across the West BankWhat does it mean when the United States, Britain, France and Spain upgrade the […]

A Medicine to chew upon

There was a time years ago when VVIPs and VIPs would go to Vellore, or New Delhi or Guwahati or Dibrugarh and even Mumbai for treatment of some ailment or the other because medical facilities in our State were inadequate. The ailments could be of any number of kinds ranging from diabetes to cancer and […]

The depth of a dry land

I am allergic to checkgates as I have come across much harassment meted out to me while traveling from Dimapur to my home town in Ukhrul during my college days. Though we didn’t carry any arms or prohibited items by the law those days, the security forces ordered us to line up by roadsides and […]

Assam inches towards peace

Hopes of an end to the 30-year-long armed insurgency in India’s northeastern state of Assam have brightened with leaders of the secessionist United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA) expressing willingness to enter into unconditional talks with the government.Last week, the group’s founder-chairman, Arabinda Rajkhowa, was released from jail – his bail application was not challenged […]

Colonial Encounter and the Cultural Processes of Nagas

This article is an attempt to see the cultural processes of the Nagas as a result of their encounter with the colonial rule and Christian missionaries since the early half of the 19th century. The cultural processes will be seen through three successive stages: 1. Cultural elimination2. Cultural imposition and adaptation  3. Cultural revitalization and […]