PHEK: Destitute Govt Residential Girls Hostel in dilapidated condition

PHEK: Destitute Govt Residential Girls Hostel in dilapidated condition
Phek Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Phek Town Youth Society members with the students of Government Residential Girls Hostel at Phek during their visit held on September 2.


PTYS and PCCI request State Government to release pending of funds


Phek, September 2 (MExN): Blame it on the apathetical attitude of the authorities concerned, the Destitute Government Residential Girls Hostel at Phek is in “dilapidating condition.”


Highlighting the state of disrepair of the hostel, the Phek Town Youth Society (PTYS) and Phek Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) in a joint press release said that Government has delayed disbursing the due funds to manage the hostel. It is also learnt that the hostel is functioning without proper funds since from August 2017. The hostel is functioning in a rented building of SIRD.


On September 2, a team from PTYS and PCCI visited the hostel which at present is occupied by 50 students in the age group of 5 to 16 years who have come from different adjacent villages.


The two organisations said that it was heartrending picture to see the “deprived children consuming simply lentil (Dal) soup and rice owing to non-release of funds.”


During the visit, PTYS and PCCI donated several essential items viz, writing materials, washing and bathing materials, first aid kits, blankets and clothing to wear, footwear, electrical appliances and emergency light, candles, groceries supplies, cosmetics items, candies, pork meats etc.


The team also interacted with the hostel children and officials of District Education Office under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA). Later, they held a fellowship service with the hostel students.


Phek Deputy Commissioner, Orenthung Lotha and Additional Deputy Commissioner, Avelu were also present during the visit. The DC comforted to extend any viable assistance to the students while the ADC narrated a pertinent anecdote of underprivileged student. The ADC also lauded the PTYS and PCCI for taking such benevolent steps to help the destitute students by donating necessary items.


In the fellowship, T. Samuel, District Coordinator and Shevozo, Assistant District Coordinator shared the difficulties concerned in the functioning of the hostel. PCCI, Vice President, Kuvechisa and PTYS, President, Neizote Venuh encouraged the students on the importance of education as the most powerful weapon which one can use to change the world. They also implored the State Government to release the pending of funds to efficiently function the hostel.
Votalu, Warden of hostel in her vote of thanks also shared about her vicissitude towards the hostel and students.