Photography: The Trending Cameras

Avolu Theluo

JMC II Semester, Dimapur

A few decades back, what seemed to mesmerize us was the digital handy cam allowing users for instant print.

Photography – The art of painting with light is now more thrilling with standardized features of sensors, waterproof lens, enormous megapixel count, voice activated shutter buttons and ultra slim compact cameras. Extra protective cases are now available to safely store the camera, lenses and other equipment from degradation.

DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera, the trend of our age is recommended for professionals and enthusiastic amateurs as it features interchangeable lenses, higher quality pictures and the possible setting of ISO to 4 million. However, here the important thing is the ‘photographer’ who understands ‘the art’ to give life to the image that viewers can identify themselves with.

Here’s a highlight of the top five trending DSLR’s.

  1. Sony Alpha 99II
    It comes in full-frame with high resolution sensor of 42.4 Mega Pixel. Sony Alpha 99II also has a translucent mirror and can capture 12 frames per\second available at Rs 3,77,600.
  2. Canon EOS5D MKIV
    It is of 5D resolution with fast versatile and powerful autofocus full-frame sensor of 35mm screen and 30.4 Mega Pixel at a price of Rs 2,08,995.
  3. Pentax K-1
    The first full-frame camera of Pentax has 36 Mega Pixel and sensors that effectively process the pictures with rich details. It has ‘shake reduction’ and allows wi-fi connectivity to quickly transfer images to your phone or computer. Get it at Rs 1,22,900.
  4. Nikon D3300
    Available at Rs 33,450 the 24.5 Mega Pixel sensors with full recording of HD resolution. For starters into photography, this comes in handy with plenty of control keys.
  5. Nikon D810
    It is an impressive full-frame DSLR of 36.3 Mega Pixel at Rs 1,65,550 that allows pictures of details and preciseness. It is one perfect cam for lovers who assume photography as a hobby.

Also some of the best Photography Instagram account to follow, which may open up our ‘blinded senses’.
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