Is the plethora of sporting events in Nagaland contributing towards positive development of local sportspersons?

Some of those who Some of those who voted YES had this to say:

  •  Yes, it contributes towards development of local sportsperson only to a limited extent. However the development is not big enough to take them to the state or national level.


  • Yes, but only to some extent. These sporting events are only the first step. Those potential players should be identified at these sporting events and then further developed to become better sportspersons.


Some of those who voted NO had this to say:

  •  No, not in any way. The sporting events are all very localized and its mostly the same teams playing in the different sporting events. It is important for the events to be channelised into one state event. For positive development there should not be any politicians or bureaucrats holding the position in associations.


  •  No. Without proper sporting infrastructure no amount of sporting events will create any positive development of local sportsperson.


  • No. The proof is that very few sportsperson from Nagaland has excelled in National and International levels.


  • No. When we look at the number of tournaments being held in Nagaland, we should be having atleast a few national level players by now. There is a tendency in Nagaland not to focus of quality. We should question how many of these tournaments are actually focusing on quality sports.


  • No, what local sportspersons? Its selected few who benefit with money/connection benefit, the rest is not possible. There is noting at grass root level.


  •  No, we do not see any benefits for the sportsperson


Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say: 

  • For real positive development of local sportsperson they should be taken out of Nagaland to enter and participate in national and international events. This kind of exposure will create more awareness and will build confidence.


  • These sporting events needs to be better organized. It is too localized to have any impact on the future development of local players. At this rate they will only remain in the same level without any improvement.