Political evil

Thepfulhouvi Solo

Some weeks ago, two young women searching for Room on rent near Don Bosco School came to our compound near the School. My wife admitted them to our verandah and enquired about their Identities.


They said they are from Sümi Tribe just adjoining Kohima District but said “Tenyidie si mo liei” (do not know Tenyidie) in considerably correct Tenyidie.


They mentioned their acquaintance to the MLA of their Constituency, a Mister such and such and said he came out successful in the last Election but missed a berth in the Government.


On their mentioning about their MLA missing a berth in the Government, and knowing the Sümis hardly need any prodding on humor, in half joke but with a grain of Truth, I said, – “Nagaland accepts any kind of Government with endless ‘Thanks-Giving Services’ and much solemn Prayers; the State would accept even a Government from Lucifer with loud Prayer.”


Merrily they accepted my blunt humor with subdued laughter.


Nagaland is full of ordinary nice and decent people of peace with no intention of evil: let me repeat again: ‘with no intension of evil’ but brutally casual politically and may accept any Government, even one with colossal tract records of financial mismanagement!


People out to change their society with Political power often make great deal of evil without being evil, and show no remorse for the wrongs they did. Long ago Prophet Jeremiah said, ‘they do not know how to blush’.


Eichmen described a simple, common career bureaucrat, played immense role in eliminating millions and millions of Jews; to the last, he claimed he was innocent.


Polpot and his regime in Cambodia set out to change their society and forcibly sent the white collared educated class to go the field in the Villages to till the land and do hard labor.


Millions and millions of innocent Cambodians men, women and children, died in the re-education program of the regime. The International Court of Justice sought to charge him of genocide, but on his dead bed in a simple jungle Camp under a mosquito net, Polpot innocently claimed: “I am a simple harmless Teacher; I did not kill anybody”!


The thousands of skulls of the dead Cambodians that died during Polpot’s re-education program of the population under his regime bear stark witness to the unimaginable evil they did. The regime eliminated 1.5 innocent Cambodians.


On the collapse of former communist Yugoslavia, Karadzic of Serbia killed thousands of innocent Muslims on a program of ‘Social Cleansing’ and evaded International Court of Justice for many years, finally arrested, he proudly said he did nothing wrong!


It is surprising decent, non-violent educated people, full of ardent Christianity; devoid of any evil thoughtlessly do monstrous political evils. The Reverend of the Dutch Reformed Church resigned from the Church service, entered Politics, and became the chief architect of the infamous evil apartheid regime of South Africa and brought immense Injustice to the natives.


It is non-understandable in the Church, ordinarily nice, gentle, well meaning people without the slightest sign of being evil preaching forgiveness and love tirelessly for a career show no forgiveness or compassion. That is evil.


Many politicians in Nagaland, simple, normal common citizens drift into Political Career without being evil and without any deep political Ideology casually do unimaginable misdeeds.


Nagaland is full of terribly casual political population without evil do immense evil. They had no motive for the evil deeds, the evils deeds just happened casually in their Career. They do the evils without any inherent capacity of thought, comprehension or conscience.


Understandably, they have no remorse for the evil deeds they did. Evil deeds done without evil intension and remorseless, is a thought-defying evil monster.


The State unconsciously builds political systems and privileges of governance that favor the rich and the wealthy who become richer and wealthier the common people can never imagine.


The World population today is a little more that 2.1 Billion and the wealth of 632 super-rich persons in the world is more than the total wealth of the whole population of the World.


It is O.K. Bill Gates and Zuckerbeg became Super-Rich by their God-given uncommon foresight, vision and wisdom but Money produced with politics and by political system is thought defying immense evil monster.