Political parties or judiciary to decide

Patrick A Kolakhe

Tadubi Bazar, Senapati District


The prolong imbroglio for change the Chairman Autonomous District Council, Senapati is most unfortunate. Are settlements across the table by the friendly political partners of the present coalition government reached a stalemate and moved to the judiciary.


While ignorant of the legalities over putting off the floor test, could not the judiciary direct the involved political parties to resolve the issue?


It is stated as such, because the matter is over elongated, and affect effective administration and at the same time incur huge money to lobbyists and equally to non campers, as huge money are to be doled out to remain faithful. All this money will not come out from nowhere but, to be adjusted from the fund of schemes meant for the public.


What is most puzzling is information for and against the present impasse is suppressed by both parties. The public have the right to know from the district councilors, their state political leaders and parties the emergent crises. Are the present coalitions partners scare to displease each other and dump the district councilors to quarrel among themselves?