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Potatoes return to shops after disappearing on Dec 13

Potatoes return to shops after disappearing on Dec 13
A vegetable vendor attending to a customer at New Market area, Dimapur. Retail prices of perishables fluctuates. (Photo for Representational purposes only/Morung File Photo) 


Retail prices of perishables fluctuates 


Morung Express News
Dimapur | December 14

Despite cautioning against unwarranted price escalation, prices of essential commodities, especially perishables, were being retailed at inflated rates in Dimapur on December 14. 

One kg of green chilly ranged from Rs 80-120 in New Market today, while potatoes, which disappeared the day before, made a return to the shop shelves on December 14. 

The retail rate of potatoes varied with retailers in New Market quoting different prices. One shopkeeper quoted Rs 60 per kg before scaling down to Rs 50. It was further scaled down to Rs 40 when he was told by this reporter that the queries were for a news report. The price of tomatoes also varied from Rs 50-70 a kg. 

Noticing the inquisitive queries and note-taking, the stall next door scaled down his originally quoted prices. His initial Rs 120 per kg for chilly became Rs 80. 

Both attributed the high rates to increased wholesale prices, owing to the unrest in Assam affecting supplies to Dimapur. 

Across the state border in Lahorijan, retail rate of potato today was Rs 30 (old harvest) and Rs 50 for fresh harvest, tomato Rs 70 a kilo and green chilly Rs 120/kilo. There was no fresh supply of broiler chicken but there was no change in price. Old stock was being sold at Rs 120 per kilo (live weight).

In the vegetable wholesale market in Murgi Patti, a trader said that today’s wholesale rate of green chilly stood at Rs 90 per kg. The rate quoted by this wholesaler however conflicted with the retail price quoted by the shopkeeper in New Market. Before the unrest in Assam, the wholesale price of chilly ranged from Rs 40-50. 

He said that the price of tomato today stood at Rs 32 or 35 depending on the breed. While stating that perishables items are getting spoiled with trucks stranded in Assam, he added that 6-7 pickup trucks of tomatoes and another carrying green chilly arrived this morning. The price of tomato has remained more or less the same, he claimed.  

Another wholesaler said that he bought potatoes at Rs 32 per kilo from the supplier/distributor this morning. His selling price to retailers stood at Rs 34-35. 

A bulk distribution agency at GS Road told this reporter that 2 truckloads of potato reached this morning. According to a dealer at the agency, fresh harvest was distributed at Rs 32 and the previous season’s harvest at Rs 28. Before the civil unrest in Assam, the agency’s selling price of potatoes was Rs 26 and Rs 20, respectively.  

While claiming that the prices will subside once the situation in Assam improves, he added, “We currently have 3-4 trucks carrying potato and onion stranded in Assam.” 

Price of onion, which was already high, stood at Rs 112 per kilo today at the agency. The dealer said that earlier the going price was Rs 105-107.  

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