POTholes, PONDholes, Corruption and suggestions to improve it

POTholes, PONDholes, Corruption and suggestions to improve it

Tshezote Venuh: The PEN is mightier than the SWORD but the pen is not going to build GOOD ROADS and BRIDGES for us. It is the hands that wield them that build and repair.


One BLIND MAN cannot lead ANOTHER BLIND MAN. And sadly our Political leaders are surely blind because they cannot see the condition of the road, particularly the HIGHWAY stretch from Purana Bazaar to Padumpukhuri for one among many examples.


THE GOOD NEWS: There are no more POTHOLES in our roads. Praise God for they are now upgraded to POND HOLES. Some of which are so deep that when unlucky cars try to SWIM across, they end up drowning, causing traffic Jams and Inconveniences to public.


All the blame doesn’t go to our leaders but to the public as well since we are also stakeholders when it comes to civil responsibilities. The main PURPOSE/INTENTION of CANDIDATES these days is only to loot the Government if they WIN THE ELECTION and NOT to SERVE the people. In Nagaland money comes before Passion. So everything we do begins with hijacking money which is the root of all evils. And this trend seems to be rubbing off into our society.


Sacrifice and Service are just words because nobody seems to be really working for a cause but for money, money and more money.. if this goes on, our tomorrow is not worth hoping for.


Every youth organisations across our land should rise up and stand for a cause and a purpose. Our earlier generation may have been corrupted and poisoned by politics but we the younger section of the society can make a difference today. Because we are educated and have seen other cities and the facilities they enjoy, the rights they exercise and their towering infrastructures.


Our politicians travel often and much more frequently than any layman and they have seen STATE OF THE ART INFRASTRUCTURES, Highly developed Towns, SMOOTH ROADS and even AMUSEMENT PARKS, HUGE INVESTMENTS in the EDUCATIONAL sectors so they should be the ones to realise the BASIC NEEDS of our land, but instead, they choose to remain silent spectators and avid readers of hate mails which do not affect them at all.


I’M SURE the ones responsible will be laughing as they read this post but this time it’s NOT addressed to them, but to my FELLOW YOUTHS and stakeholders of our tomorrow.


So dear citizens, what will it be? Just let them be and we all remain corrupted or be the change by stepping up? By changing our mindset on so many issues that keep appearing in SCREAMING LETTERS we can be the change rather than sit and wait for the change to come to us.


Let us NOT be BLIND like our Corrupt Leaders who are actually not leaders and DOERS.
Remember: No Risk, No Gain!!!


God bless my fellow YOUTHS OF NAGALAND!!!



Bringing you a story to inspire


Nokho Nyekha: As a social being, we consciously or unconsciously feed and live on stories – either by pouring ourselves out or by absorbing someone else’s in. And I hope you find encouragement through the unfaltering courage of this young man, Sen Ezung whose life continues to inspire everyone around him, including me.


7 years ago, as a bright student and an adventurous teenager of Class11, a minor swell on his right ankle took him to Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai which confirmed a Stage IV Osteosarcoma, which slowly led to some other complications, and he ended spending a Christmas fighting for dear life in the ICU. However, his body still reacted fairly well to chemotherapy that by the time he returned home after a year, the cancer was miraculously controlled.


However, devastation overpowered him when he went for his annual review in 2012. It was then they found that the cancer cells had somehow found a way to his lungs and was spreading rapidly. Then in December 2015, they found a recurrence of carcinoma on his ankle, which left the doctors no choice but to finally amputate his right leg. A year later, they detected further recurrence, resulting in reamputation.


Besides the numerous cycles of chemo and radiation, he underwent 7 major operations over the course of 7 years.


Despite the way his life have been cruelly stirred since 2010, he continues to relentlessly fight the disease, surpassing the hope of the doctors themselves. If that’s not enough, he also managed to finish his Bachelor’s degree in 1st Class, majoring in Sociology, in 2016.


With steadfast positivity as his armour, nobody can fathom the pain he’s been carrying every single day for the past many years. Rather, one would find him listening to the problems of others with sincere concern, standing beside them through each step and helping them in solving their mess. Well, rarely sharing his own.


Through all these years, as his father rightly pointed, it was his will power which has played the most important role in keeping him on the winning side. One can easily see that he accepted the pain and embraced it to his advantage – for one don’t see a young man of 24 years (at present). We see the maturity of a man overflowing with gems of wisdom; a man who would only be counting his blessings; a man standing tall without an inch of self pity or bitterness; we see a man glowing with optimism; we see, but, a man who can magically brighten the life of everyone he meet. His confession about the only prayer he asks God to grant him – Not to continue allowing him a pain so unbearable, more because he might lose his temper and hurt his loved ones in the process.


Over the years that I’ve known him, I’ve noticed how he grew to treasure each moment of his life, finding time for friends and family with all the energy he could gather, whenever he got the chance to. An old soul, a big heart and a strong mind, his enthusiasm has always been a source of my motivation. When you meet him, you don’t see pain – You find peace yourself.


May the readers be inspired through his life, as I am.


Do remember him in your prayers as he continues to fight the lethal osteosarcoma, and maybe, leave a word of encouragement to him. Because, the world is still in need of him – to help us understand the language of love.
Here’s to you, Okharo. My soul brother. Our prayers.

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