PR the best option for Nagas

Diphupar Village


The only option available to the present political stalemate is President’s rule as we cannot afford another period of instability. TR Zeliang seem to have the numbers and undoubtedly he is the blue eyed boy of New Delhi but at the moment there is nothing to cheer from his second inning as he has not left any legacy except the tag of been the weakest Chief minister. His authority as Chief minister will be undermined further this time with the senior most politicians in his cabinet. He has also exposed himself to be a politician without any gratitude and humility by not only back stabbing but by all along criticizing Dr Shurhozelie. It seem he has no good words for the man who made him CM in the first place and later on stood by him through thick and thins for four years. TR Zeliang has still time to prove his mantle as a popularleader and he can still do it but the timing and the method he is using  this time is simply wrongand could damage his future political career.


As for Dr Shurhozelie graceful exit notwithstanding the court order, is the best way out to save his image as a regional stalwart clinging to his chair without majority will set bad precedence and further damage his reputation. He is fighting a losing battle as the match seems to have already been fixed by BJP, RSS and the contenders. The timing of the coup with the visit of Ram Madhav the RSS think tank turned BJP General secretary is significant. I am afraid if this is the hidden agenda of RSS to saffronise Nagaland through a friendly Government. Having say that, at the present juncture it is better to have President’s rule and see whether politicians or bureaucratsare responsible for the ills of governance in the state.