Pregnant tribal taken to hospital in bedsheet as ambulance unavailable

Palakkad (Kerala), June 6 (IANS): A nine-month pregnant tribal woman in Kerala had to be carried to hospital in a makeshift stretcher made of a bed sheet tied to logs as no ambulance was available, reports said on Wednesday. She later delivered a baby girl.


The incident took place on Tuesday afternoon in Attapadi village — the biggest tribal settlement in the state, but yet to have proper roads.


The visuals of a group of tribal men and women carrying the woman across a stream were aired by a TV channel on Wednesday afternoon.


After crossing the stream, the people waited for an ambulance at a point where the motorable road starts.


When the ambulance did not come despite a long wait, they continued to walk on till they managed to get a private vehicle which transported them to the hospital. 


Responding to the incident, authorities said the ambulance was under repair.