Princess Diana was like Wonder Woman: Gal Gadot

Princess Diana was like Wonder Woman: Gal Gadot

Los Angeles, November 13 (PTI) Gal Gadot believes Princess Diana had a lot in common with her onscreen avatar of Wonder Woman.


The 32-year-old star said it is easy for people to relate with the superhero as she is compassionate and her approach towards life is similar to the Princess of Wales, reported Glamour magazine.


“I remember a quote from Princess Diana where she hit the nail on the head. She said she worked from the heart and not the head and I think that Wonder Woman, Diana Prince, is the same.


“I know one Diana was real and the other isn’t, but Wonder Woman is such a great character because she works from the heart,” Gadot said.


The “Justice League” star believes Wonder Woman is a great female role model.


“We are so exposed all our lives to amazing male superheroes and never to one really good female superhero and I think Wonder Woman really captures the beauty of what it means to be a woman.