Process of Change

Allan Aley

What a time to live and witness. We are all living in a perpetual mess. Our inaction is only leading to monumental breakdown. It is a deep scar. None of us will have positive things to say about what is wrong in Nagaland. Our inefficient leaders have brought little solution to this mess. The public on the other hand have been equally responsible for this making. Here is a heart to heart message for all the representatives of our state and the citizens of Nagaland. Thank you for reading.


• GENUINE LEADERS AND GOVERNMENT: We are unfortunate to have wrong leaders. The political drama episode is at rest for now but we never know when the plot will start again. On 5th October, 2017, the Minister for Roads and Bridges Dr. Neikiesalie Kire said that dependence on government should change as every individual and civil society organisations also have a role in contributing for the progress of the society. The government expects the public to contribute and the public expects the government to work out their responsibilities. Wow! During election these shrewd candidates will talk sweet and promise us the moon and the stars. What if a candidate says “Don’t always depend on the government”during his campaign? What will be the consequences of such an escapist remark? He will definitely receive bricks and bats. T.R Zeliang has started his election campaign in Facebook. We have been receiving updates about how he wishes to see growth and development (mostly blabbering and white washing the public to make believe that he is there with us). He has been talking a lot lately. The public has grown wiser, it is not words that will win our hearts but actual work.On 11th October he expressed how his government is well aware of the growing dissatisfaction expressed by the various sections particularly the youths. “We cannot deny that our system of functioning is not without faults. The question is whether we will continue this way and fall into decline as a state and as a people. Once we lose our conviction of truth justice and will our strength as a people and as a state will fail” he said while addressing Colloquium on Road Connectivity here at State Banquet Hall. All these talks of solution are out in the process now because we have general elections coming next year. Isn’t it so ironical and late? What a political gimmick! And yes let mark the names of Dr. Shürhozelie and Neiphiu Rio as well. They have worse case to talk about. Please do not vote for these veterans whose accountability has expired. Politicians are representatives of the people. Their role is to make policies, amend laws and give voice to the problems faced by the people. In the case of Nagaland our leaders have become the main problem. They should create avenues for jobs and employment or build incentives for better facilities but we have not seen any feasible work done. Why should we vote for such representatives who are going to demote Nagaland to a state of hopelessness? A note for our politicians“If you love your people and let them know you‘re giving back, not just hoarding all the money for yourself, they want to join in.”-John Paul Dejoria


• VIGILANT CITIZENS: The leaders of the government are powerful because we give them power. It is not the other way around. Before election candidates would run like a dog asking for votes. Everything changes after they come to power. I am happy that the Naga youths are virtually active and vocal but Facebook heroism is not everything. When activism needs support we should be physically there to contribute. ACAUT has emerged as our hope for activism. There has been many rallies and protest to voice out the cause of the general public. Our representatives have always been less involved in this process but we should continue to build the momentum of protest. In different western countries people have revolted with unity to overthrow an ineffective government. The number of anecdotal examples is overwhelming. The 2012-15 unrest in Romania is a perfect example. This was caused by high rate of unemployment, tax hikes, low standard of living, political corruption, under funding of education, illegal felling of forest, parliamentary immunity etc. Some of the methods of protest were online activism, civil disobedience, demonstrations, picketing, roadblock, hunger strike, labour strike, general strike, rioting etc. The parties which joined the civil conflict were Christian Liberal Alliance, Trade Unions, Students, Teachers, Doctors, Postmen, Doctors, Environmentalists, Pilots, Miners, Policemen etc. The small revolution started from 12th January 2012 till 4th November 2015 summing up to 3 years, 9 months and 23 days. The government faced a meltdown. We have similar issues but citizens of Nagaland are still sleeping with the system. We are very far from this level. We need to be vigilant citizens. When I was in my high school I was not happy about all these issues of corruption and misgovernance. I wanted to start a protest but I was scared about the outcome of supporters. Today we have new effective leaders and civil societies who have a burning vision for change. I am very happy to see young leaders sharing their wonderful ideas and being a movement. All of us may not be a leader but we can surely support them because it is for the cause of a better Nagaland.


We all complain about bad roads, poor electricity and corrupted leaders but do we ever reflect on our roles towards all the chaos in our state? A wise man once said “If the citizens are corrupted why will the government be any different?” It starts from the grass root level. At different levels and departments of the government almost everyone practises corruption and bribery. It has become our moral virtue. If we only vote for the right candidate and not for money we will not be in this condition. We need to choose candidates based on merit and character. We are responsible for all the making.If we want to change this toxic environment we must leave behind all the wrong practices.Say no to proxyor substitute posting. Do not buy government jobs. Jobs should be earned on merit and not political connections. We are not perfect but we can be better. I will never look for a government job as a buyable package. Just imagine the impact of all the youths taking this pledge. The results will be astounding. We will be purifying corruption from a personal level. Moral uprightness is an individual choice. It’s between you and God. If you believe in Jesus Christ, raise your moral values and maintain it until the judgement day. Let us help each other in cleaning the system or spend another five years barking like a dog.


Many students go outside of Nagaland to pursue higher studies. People who find better opportunities pack their bags and leave their home for good. Once we step outside of Nagaland we find a larger perspective. I appreciate the basic facilities available outside our state. Every time I travelled on smooth roads I remembered our hopeless roads. The university where I studied reminded me about Nagaland lack of good technical and professional courses. Why do we have to study outside? Why do we have to search for jobs outside our state? The answer is simple. We all know what’s wrong and missing in our state. Quoting from India Today November 2nd 2015 “At the beginning of his 14 year tenure, the Congress veteran, then pushing 65 years of age, even danced with a group of World Bank officials once earning the wrath of his wife. Wooing them for loan, he also ordered his bureaucrats to take the officials on a joyride to Kaziranga National Park. Purists may object Gogoi’s methods, but he achieved his goal. External aid from multinational agencies ensured that Assam showed consistent superlative performance in infrastructure development. Gogoi’s example, in fact, illustrates one of the major takeaways of this year’s India Today Group State of the States study the role of leadership and the ability to walk the extra mile play the most crucial role in the performances of a state.”The states were ranked on Agriculture, Education, Governance, Health, Infrastructure, Investment, Macro Economy, Cleanliness, Environment and Inclusive Development. Look at our nearest neighbour, Assam! We are out of the league. We try to survive on the idea of the non-existent basic facilities. Forget about innovative and smart steps from the government, our representatives are busy building their own generational empire and fighting wars of ego, power and territory. According to Reserve Bank of India Nagaland received the highest financial support from the Centre in 2015-2016 receiving the neediest state tag amongst the 29 states and 7 union territories which encompass the Indian Union. We receive funds but the government does not have a proper plan. The extra funds could be used for more productive capital expenditure to push growth. It can also be used to reduce our deficits andimprove our finances. But no, it is beyond their capacity to think of solution. How long will we sit and watch the games of unproductive and inefficient leaders? Look at what our current system has brought us into and ask if it is time for a revolution? It is time to take action.