Profiles of Naga Chef Season 5 contestants

1. L Shiumai Phom

Shiumai Phom is a 24-year-old Bakery and Pastry Chef who has been working in Oberoi Grand, Kolkata for 2 years. Since childhood, her passion was cooking, so her parents encouraged her to pursue her love for food. She did her B.Sc. in Hotel Management from The Global Open University, Nagaland (TGOUN). Her thoughts of participating in Naga Chef came from one of her biggest inspirations- her faculty. Promoting Naga Food is what she wants to do in future and participating in Naga Chef is the best thing she has done for herself till date.



2. Khrusatolu Chuzho

Khrusatolu Chuzho is a passionate cook from Kohima whose best inspirations are her mom and grandmother. According to her, cooking a meal is one of the most personal and intimate things one can do for someone, so she loves to do it. She is participating in Naga Chef to get some ideas, ingredients and recipes about the Naga cuisine. God willing, she wishes to open an authentic Naga restaurant soon.



3. Nisi Chase

Nisi Chase is a 14-year-old student from Dimapur. She loves cooking and watching cooking shows like Hell’s Kitchen, Master Chef, and My Kitchen Rules, among many others. After finishing her 12th Standard, she would like to join a cooking school. She started cooking at the age of 9 and wants to run a food truck in Nagaland one day.



4. Rokokhono Rhutso Nyekha

A homemaker, a wife and a mother to 13 years old son, RokokhonoRhutso Nyekha is an extrovert who can interact well with any type of person. Her inspirations are her dad, who taught her to cook and her mom, the judge for her cooking skills. She dreams of being an independent woman and sees a scope of becoming so by indulging in her passion i.e. cooking through eatery business.



5. Hoinali Jakhalu

Hoinali Jakhalu is 28 years old and a mother of a 6 year-old-son. An ardent food lover, cooking is her passion. She decided to participate in Naga Chef to enhance her culinary skills for her career. Her dream is to see her son become a successful chef in the future.



6. Yuhgang Konyak

Yuhgang Konyak is 23 years and is currently working as a chef at D Cafe-Bae, Dimapur. He has been in the Hospitality industry for the past 5 years and he loves cooking and interacting with people. Five years from now, he sees himself owning a restaurant that serves Naga, Indian and Chinese cuisines.