‘Promote mountaineering in Nagaland’

‘Promote mountaineering in Nagaland’

Morung Express News
Dimapur | May 18

Record-breaking mountaineer from Arunachal Pradesh Anshu Jamsenpa has expressed interest to promote mountaineering as an adventure sport in Nagaland. Jamsenpa was here in Dimapur with members of Guwahati-based Skyrim Panacea Adventure Club to explore such a possibility.


At 38 and a mother of two, Jamsenpa created ripples in 2017 climbing Mount Everest twice in a space of 5 days to become the first woman mountaineer in the world to achieve such a feat. Stating that she wants to promote mountaineering, she said that she started out as a trekking guide in the Himalayas before training professionally.


Her record-breaking adventure started in 2010 when she scaled Mt. Nepal Peak (23517 ft) in September 2010 following her training. It was followed by two consecutives successful ascent to Mt. Everest in May the following year. Her first two summits to Everest took place in a space of 9 days – the first on May 12 and the second on May 21.


She is also the first woman from India to scale the tallest mountain on Earth five times. She has several other mountaineering records and is credited with a total of 13 successful expeditions in a short span of 7 years.


Skyrim’s CEO Santosh Mishra said that it is exploring the idea of a mountaineering institute in Nagaland provided it gets the opportunity and would welcome collaboration with the state government. Mishra said that mountaineering as a sport besides inculcating the spirit of adventure also creates awareness of the environment and also promotes adventure tourism.