Protection against animal diseases transmission in our family

Veterinary Hospital Kohima

Animal diseases may be transmitted to human being through aerosol, dust particles, urine, faeces, hair etc. Transmissions of disease from animal to man or vice versa are called zoonotic diseases such as rabies, ring worms, salmonellosis, leptospirosis, Q-fever etc.


Some ways to protect your family from animal infection and diseases are:-

1. Protect yourself while cleaning animal shed and during feeding by wearing apron, disposable gloves, close shoes, face mask etc.


2. Avoid letting your animal and pet dog lick your face and hand or contact with any household eatables


3. Keep your animal always healthy by providing good nutritious diet, portable cold water, clean dry airy shed and bedding materials


4. Make sure your animals are protected against diseases by following proper vaccination schedules, regular deworming and medication


5. Wash hands thoroughly after handling or cleaning the animal shed with soap, Dettol. Any injuries by animal scratch or bite wash instantly with disinfectant solution likes wokadine or betadine and then consult human physician immediately


6. Pregnant women and infant must avoid having direct contact with pet and farm animal


7. Routine examination of your animal by a veterinarian at least twice a year to prevent any disease condition in the farm