Public hearing under MGNREGA for Wokha dist

Public hearing under MGNREGA for Wokha dist
Project Director, Thungdeno Mozhui speaking at the hearing of under MGNREGA for Wokha district held on September 13. (DIPR Photo)


Wokha, September 13 (DIPR): Society for training and research on Rural Development, Social Audit Unit (SAU) and public hearing under MGNREGA for Wokha district was held on September 13 at WDVDB & WDVCCA multi-purpose building, Wokha.


Principal, ETC (SIRD), Dr. Kedise Pucho while giving the introduction on major keys of Social Audit under MGNREGA, highlighted on how to educate MGNREGAs workers about their rights and entitlements, to promote people’s participation and democratic decisions, to improve the capacity of local stakeholders in implementing programmes and social audit, to promote transparency and accountability in implementation of programmes, to control corruption and improving implementation and create a platform for systematic feedback to improve the schemes and programmes.


Principal also stated that SAU covered 59 villages in social audit in 11 districts during the financial year 2014-15 under MGNREGA subsequently the SAU is conducting public hearing in all district and Kohima was the first district being conducted public hearing on September 11.


District Resource Persons, Social Audit Unit, Nagaland for Wokha district, Sara Khesoh and Abenla Jamir presented facts and findings, and highlighted the outcome of the audit conducted in six villages covering Four (4) Blocks namely, Wokha, Chukitong, Sanis and Wozhuro block under DRDA Wokha. The social audit was conducted in the following villages, Wokha village, Englan, Shaki, N. Longidang, Chukitong Headquarters and Sanis Village. The following resolutions were passed pertaining to various issues, Gram Sabha Resolution of Englan village resolved that in place of Audit Committee, it shall be read as Village Audit Committee, under Gram Sabha Resolution of Wokha village MR Nos. 18830 and 18831 which was misplaced have been found and is available in VDBs office. This has been clarified by the VDB Secretary.


Gram Sabha Resolution, Sanis village that missing MR No.11508 and 11972 has been found. This has been clarified by BDO, Sanis, In the Gram Sabha Resolution, Sanis village there was a mismatched amount in BDOs office and VDBs office due to amount not updated in the Asset Register, and the same was justified by VDB Secretary, Sanis village and Gram Sabha Resolution under Shaki village it was resolved that the amount mismatched between MIS and Block/Village was due to creation of liabilities which was clarified by BDO, Wozhuro.


Project Director cum DPC (MGNREGA) DRDA, Wokha, Thungdeno Mozhui who also spoke during the programme, apprised the village functionaries not to divert funds but to implement the schemes and policies as per under MGNREGA guideline since all funding are being monitored through geo mapping and this social audit will be in continues process in all the villages in the district on year basis.