The Manger, the Cross and Resurrection

Rev. Dr. Zelhou Keyho No one aspect of the three (the Manger, the Cross and the Resurrection) explains in its entirety what Christians believe. The birth leading to the cross and to the resurrection brings our belief and faith to completion. The love, forgiveness and the glorious hope for Christian is what we believe and […]

Easter: Echoing Newness

Fr Paul LelenHaokip If spring is near, can newness be far off? We shall begin with a positive note of life to wish each other a happy new life in this Easter season. The onset of spring is celebrated with New Year commemorations in various religious traditions around the world. The season of Lent (40 […]

What’s so great about Resurrection?

Vebu Khamo Seoul, Korea Role of Women in Proclamation of God’s Kingdom: God’s radical view ofwomen was against the culture of the day (“both Jewish and Roman law severely minimized the value of their witness,”IVP Commentary, Craig S. Keener, p-124). The womenfolk of those days were deemed needless in the legal court of lawbut God […]

Open letter to my dear church elders in Nagaland

Alobo Naga Please allow me to share my heart out to you today. Pastors & Church Leaders I would love to see you every Sunday morning outside the church building waiting and greeting the congregation with a smile and hug. We love meeting you in person, we love it when you say “good to see […]

Glory of the Cross of Jesus

Mapu Jamir, IAS (Retd) In this Holy Week tens of thousands of faithful as well as average Christians all over the world will be flocking to churches and cathedrals to bow their heads before the Cross and participate in worship services that relive the death and the resurrection of the Messiah on Good Friday and […]

Doctors to heal the body but quacks to heal the mind?

Lelen SingsitKuda Village, Dimapur Every now and then we see some religious leaders or gurus hospitalised and taking help of doctors and medicine to recover their health. Even religious gurus have realised that they need science and real medicine to heal their body. When we have headache, we take paracetamol. When we have heart disease, […]

EASTER: Breaking News vs Fake News!

Jonas Kerkettasdb Bosco College of Teacher Education, Dimapur The angel’s declaration to the women on Christ’s resurrection (Mt. 28: 6) was a piece of veritable Breaking News! Mary Magdalene, James’ mother Mary, and Salome had gone to the tomb, just to anoint Christ’s lifeless body with spices, not to meet the resurrected Jesus. The angel […]

Drivers’ Woes

Prof. GT Thong Once, many years back, an international study indicated that Traffic Control was the most stressfuljob. In todays scenario, things have changed for the worse, but the Traffic Control job is still definitely one of the most stressful. Another stressful job is that of Driving. It is for this reason, one must be […]

Foolishness of the Cross for Worldly Lover

(I Cor. 1: 18-25) Rev. Dr. WatiLongchar “Cross” is sacrificing one’s life for others in love. It is denying oneself, self-emptying oneself for the good of all. Why is the cross foolish for those who claim themselves wise people? Why is the cross foolish for those who love to be in power? and enjoy richness?Why […]

All is not well

X Chophika SumiPishikhu Village, Khaghaboto Area Five years ago, exactly on this day I wrote an article titled ‘Democracy in Nagaland’ shortly after the Lok Sabha Election was over in Nagaland. And down the years, we have had a state general election and a bye-election to the lone Lok Sabha seat which was necessitated after […]

Resist Fear, Preserve Freedom, Stay Human

Vide YhokhaPhD Candidate, JNU If at all the video of our Deputy Chief Minister, Y. Patton, allegedly violating code of conduct by wearing a party symbol scarf into the polling booth and casting multiple votes is “inauthentic and ill-intent” as claimed by him, someone must be awfully good at editing videos to be able to […]

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