The Election Year

The fate our time: a battle between faith, identity & development Atö Keduvito LühoKhuzama Village While the 2019 General Election campaign kick started the propaganda of the likes and dislikes has shower the medias. Each political parties coming up with the enchanting manifestos to lure the voters for its political gain when in the long […]

All stage set for upcoming elections

Temjenkaba, IADIPR The five-year term of the 16th Lok Sabha is due to expire on June 3, 2019. Credible elections, are conducted at regular prescribed intervals, are the very soul of any democratic system. Article 324 of the Constitution of India bestows the relevant powers, duties and functions upon the Election Commission of India while […]

Response to Council for Nagalim Churches on Sunday closure

Dimapur is one of the fastest growing metropolitan city perhaps in the whole north-east India having hundred thousands of households where very citizen leads ever busy lives 24/7 without rest even on holy Sunday. Besides, it is being overflowed by shoppers from all over the state 24/7 and is being surrounded by hundreds of villages […]

Open letter to DMC Administrator

Sir, As far as I remember, the rate for a hair cut across Nagaland was the same many years back. Presently, the cost of a hair cut at Dimapur in a saloon using only scissors is fixed at Rs. 40 and a hair cut using electric trimmer is Rs.60 as per DMC order number DMC/G-13/MRC/2016-17, […]

On the observation of the Sabbath and Sunday

Kaka D Iralu Of late, a heavy debate has been going on in the press as to whether there should be closure of shops on Sundays. Some writers have even brought in the issue of the observance of the Sabbath to support their argument for keeping Sunday as a Sabbath day. Still others have brought […]

Who must define the terms “Nagas” and “Nagaland”?

BP Duomai NagaViola Colony, Dimapur In our quest for sovereignty, many Nagas have succumbed to the outsiders’ definition of who Nagas are and what Nagaland is. Today, our narrative as a people is getting smaller; both in population and land mass. Few educated Naga leaders are being used by the adversaries with magnificent payoff. They […]

‘Let us walk through the old path’

Lt Col (Retd) K Saha Khimai Midan Peyu, Shepoumaramth RegionFederal Government of Nagaland It is undisputed fact that the Naga National Council (NNC) which was democratically constituted by the Naga people in 1946 is the only mandated Council of the Naga Nation and the Federal Government of Nagaland (FGN) federally proclaimed by the Naga people […]

An appeal on Sunday Market closure issue

Rev. Seksim KasarGeneral Secretary, CNC Simple yet seriously, I would like to question to those civil societies and individuals who are advocating for Business on Sundays in favour of perishable vegetables against the imperishable God / Yahweh Worship. • Who were the builders and destroyers of a society in history? • How did they build […]

Naga National Council’s Position

The Nagas are a people and a nation on the basis of undisputable facts which are a matter of record of their political history. The validity and legitimacy of the claim of sovereignty of the Naga nation stems from the historical fact that they fought against the British invasion of their land for over half […]

Minding to biopiracy awareness

Jess T MurryChairmanGreen Succession of Nagaland State Sir, Nagaland is one of the world’s biodiversity hot spot with rich species diversity as well as genetic diversity and the indigenous people of this geographical region has diverse form of indigenous technology knowledge to apply to this biological diversity (Nature)to meet their demands and needs of foods […]

Hornbill Festival without a Hornbill!

Meyabi NiphiDuliajan, Assam Naga millennials today believe that the hornbill is a mythological bird because they have never seen one in Nagaland. They wonder how the black and white feathered bird got embedded into their traditional attire and more so, how the beak and feathers became an integral part of the Naga culture. Going by […]

Private Schools: The unsung leaders of School Education in Nagaland

Dr Andrew AhotoPresident, All Nagaland Private Schools’ Association (ANPSA)Dimapur Unit Nelson Mandela, the great leader and statesman of South Africa once stated: “Destroying any nation does not require the use of atomic bombs or the use of long range missiles. It only requires lowering the quality of education and allowing cheating in the examinations by […]