‘Layshi Declaration’

“Naga territories have been managed under the village customary tenure systems for generations. Under these systems we have managed and conserved our lands and resources, and we demand that the government recognise our system and respect our rights to manage our lands and resources. Our customary systems are not static, and change with the needs […]

Why Plastics around us?

Aiborlang Nongsiej BoscoBEd College, Dimapur The theme of Environmental Day 2018 is “Beat Plastics Pollution”. The world has come to its senses that plastics are very dangerous for the Mother Earth. When you travel to every nook and corner of the earth you will hardly find a place without plastics. Hence, I wonder how far […]

The achievements and limitations of science and technology

Dr. Khelsoril Wanbe St. Joseph College, Jakhama If we were to weigh the boons and limitations of scientific advancement on a balance, which of the two would weigh the heavier? The rate and width of technological strides have so enormously increased that these days, far greater number and degree of scientific wonders are taking place […]

On exorbitant charge of exam fee by Government Departments

Mughaka Chophy High School Area, Kohima Now the job hunters are in situation where they could not even apply for jobs in Government sector. Lately, the Department of School Education advertised for the vacant post of LDA cum Computer Assistant(Directorate/Districts) and surprisingly the Department charges a whopping amount of Rs.400/- as exam fee, much higher […]

Sabbath and Sunday

Mhonjan LothaDC Court Area, Dimapur In the bible, Romans 14:5 states that “ One Man Considers One Day More Sacred Than Another; Another Man Considers One Day More Sacred Than Another; Another Man Considers Everyday alike”. The scripture make it clear that for Christians Sabbath Keeping is a matter of spiritual freedom, not a command […]

An open letter to Gen. (Retd) Thinoselie M. Keyho

Dear Sir, While the Naga people and the Nation ought to be indebted and grateful to you for your contributions for the Naga Cause, my attention has been drawn to your letter “A Personal Sadness” published in the local dailies on 19th February, 2007 and felt the necessity of stating a few facts on behalf […]

‘On Departmental Exam’

Akum Imchem Dimapur The ‘Much Awaited’ result of the Dept of Social Welfare for the post of LDA cum Computer Assistant is out. While I applaud the ones who got through, but can we please take a moment to see the names of the qualified candidates?? 4 candidates from a particular tribe qualified for the […]

‘From a barefoot schoolboy to a Professor; from a small town to UN and Australia’

Book Review: A Naga Odyssey: My long way homeAuthor: Visier Meyasetsu Sanyu with Richard BroomePublisher: Speaking Tiger; Pages: 316; Price: Rs. 499 Jatin Desai Free Press Journal The history of Nagaland is inseparable from the village Khonoma. The village witnessed many political struggles. It is also a village where legendary Angami Zapu Phizo and General […]


Rev L Suohie Mhasi The first political talk between the Government of India and the Federal Government of Nagaland took place in 1964. The talk came to a deadlock and could not have a breakthrough and ended in a fiasco. After 32 years, the current talk between the GoI and the NSCN (I-M), was started […]

Joshua- leader of a generation in Israel

Keduovilie Linyü Kohima Joshua was the leader of a generation in Israel. The previous generation ended up dying in the wilderness because of their unbelief. Their people lived under a curse until every last one of them died. But this hungry new Joshua company began to seek God. Their hearts sole cry is to walk […]

‘Might is Right vs Right is Right’

Z Peter kvz Baptist College Kohima The idiom, “Might is Right’ is an archaic one, yet it is prevailing still around the globe. To define, it means ,”having the power to do something gives you the right to do it or those who are powerful can do what they wish unchallenged even if their action […]