Culture of Free Thinking and Positive Behaviour

Culture of Free Thinking and Positive Behaviour

The Thinker. (Representative image: Dr. Walunir ‘Free Thinking’ simply put is the act of processing thoughts in the mind, independent of conjecture, prejudice, doctrine and popular belief. It is an integral part of cognitive process and learning experience of human beings. This process sources new ideas, innovations, inventions, discoveries, solutions and sustainable alternatives to […]

This is Nagaland

Dr. Salikyu SangtamSt. Joseph University When we look into moral and political philosophy, we are told from the outset that our society is the reflection of our mindset; that the kind of society we live in simply reflects the kind of people we are. This was first put to us by the Greek philosopher, Plato. […]

New government and economic priorities

Prof Mithilesh Kumar SinhaDepartment of EconomicsNagaland University, Lumami The biggest festival of democracy was over on 19th of May. Campaigns are run on promises but governance is judged by performance. Former New York governor Mario Cuomo put it more eloquently: “One campaigns in poetry but governs in prose. India is a classic example of this […]

Shrinking Democratic Spaces

Thepfulhouvi Solo There is a spiritual dimension in a secular Government; it is the democratic Space in its governance. The Government has immense power to do good for the people; it has the same power for harm the people, depending on the principal policies it pursues. Sprent Dabwido was the former President of Nauru, with […]

Lack of sense of direction in our state’s music industry

Levi LongkumerAgri Colony, Kohima In a recent article in Forbes Magazine, it was projected that by the year 2017-18, social media platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, Sound Cloud and YouTube were beginning to heavily dominate the music industry world-wide through their streamlining services which stood at 63% of overall industry revenue. Meanwhile, paid downloads and […]

An open letter to the Minister, Transport, Civil Aviation and Railways, Land Resources, Government of Nagaland

Sir, Good morning. Recently I happen to travel to Manipur and for my homeward return I decided to board the Nagaland State transport facility. Upon interaction with the staffs out there I was enlightened about the facility which has been running for the past fifteen years, I felt it was commendable to our government. Unfortunately, […]

Academic excellence is not everything

ZK Pahrü PouBTC, Pfutsero Once upon a time, a child out of school was considered to be a child with no hope for the future. Therefore, everyone, including parents, activists, teachers, etc. encouraged every child to be in the school. The state emphasises on the right to education for all. While everyone talk about sending […]

‘We must encourage a healthy exchange of ideas’

TS Meren JamirDuncan Bosti, Dimapur This happened the year 1993. While serving as one of the Joint Secretaries of All India Chess Federation, I was appointed as Team Manager of the Senior Indian Chess Team that was selected to represent India in the Asian Team Chess Championship which was held in Kualalumpur, Malaysia from 15th […]

‘Nagaland always belonged to the Nagas’

Adinno Phizo President, Naga National Council Today we are here to commemorate the 69th Day of Naga Voluntary Plebiscite where the main event took place on 16 May, 1951 in Kohima. For love of our country the Nagas had shown to the world that Nagaland belonged to the Nagas and expressed in thumb impression. How […]

‘Let us rise up together’

Speech of Yilow Humtsoe, Acting President, NNC (Parent Body) on Naga National Plebiscite Day Dear Naga people, Today the 16th May 2019 is our 69th anniversary of Naga National Plebiscite Day, therefore, let us all observe and celebrate our National Freedom Day. On 16th May 1951 our elders, leaders and people conducted Plebiscite to decide […]

MOUNT SARAMATI-The first time I conquered (Part-2)

Kuyi Thuzu Kohima Climbing mountains is full of dangers and filled with unknown perils along the way. A treacherous journey! But I am not afraid. Or should I? I don’t know. But I am always at peace when I climb mountains, the only thing I think about is the adventure, the beauty and the feeling […]

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