Questions to the bureaucrats and politicians on daily challenges faced by students and common people

Questions to the bureaucrats and politicians on daily challenges faced by students and common people

Pole Venyo Naga: The untold misery and hardship faced by the students everyday to go to school after the only Chathe River Naga United Village Bridge that connect many schools and colleges collapsed. Everyday from nursery to college going students have to cross the bridge for their education. Everyday they have to wait in the hot sun to cross the bridge. How long can the bridge last? When is the concerned authority going to start working for the new bridge? Money has been sanctioned years ago if I am not mistaken. Concerned authority has been inspecting from years ago even before the bridge collapsed. Where is the Action implemented so far? Is the concerned authority waiting for another incident again? It is estimated that around 3000-4000 people cross the hanging bridge every day. If anything happens to the students, is the concerned authority ready to take the responsibility? Do you have children? Do you care for their lives and their education? Can you hear their cry? A small student like your own daughter from Hope Academy wrote a wonderful poem and read during one of the ACUAT rally how she suffered everyday to go to school. Can you feel or at least hear their pain? If you care then this is where your concerned authority is needed and required before any untoward incident happens again. Action and construction of new bridge should start right away. Please be aware that we are not asleep anymore, we are more educated now, we are wiser now, we are stronger now, we are united now, we are not blind anymore, we can stand and fight for our right if situation compels. On behalf of the students.

(If anybody has a link with the concerned department or know them in person kindly express the suffering faced by the public, especially the students. My heart goes to the tiny ones).


Hongkin C Chang: Senseless and irresponsible politicians who had consumed the whole money meant for development in the state and keeping their mouths shut and turn deaf ear to the cries of the poor public. It is my prayer that their blindness and deafness be healed at the earliest to see the sufferings of the people and pathetic conditions around the state and be able to hear the cries of the poor. Get well soon GOVT. OF NAGALAND.


L. S. Jami: Where are the civil societies and the NGOs of our greater Nagaland? What could be more painful seeing a fraternity of students suffering from basic humanitarian calls. Instead of those paper endorsements and social bytes, plus as far as I am concerned I guess it’s time the NSF do some PRESSURISATION right? What could be worse than a students’ fraternity being ignored at their very existence. I believe sooner or later this few will eventually contribute a lot to the GDP rate. Now economic development of a nation is what matters in this contemporary race. Saddened to learn that the true concept of ‘PRESSURE GROUP’ remains only in the alphabets. How I wish I could help!


Lanu Longkumer: While no one from the Govt of Nagaland has any response to this apathy which we tolerate every year. The Nagaland Govt and politician only wants to wait and watch the drama of corruption unfold. I have been addressing this issue for a long long time. It is not just a coincidence but a Big shame on Govt and politician and the worst part of to be addressed by a social activist from Shillong Ma’am Patricia Mukhim.


Where have all the elite contractors disappeared? I presume the budget was to build roads and other developments. Not to buy expensive cars with no roads to ply, expensive holidays, building your multi million crores mansions, buying properties.


We are sick and tired of the excuse the politicians make, this includes all the predecessors who committed the same blunder, you have turned a blind eye to all this, you’ve fooled the people with false promises, you lie and advocate false propagation and flash your wealth out in the open.


You may buy out people with money, but you cannot simply ignore the reality, we are not blind to ignore all this. Why is everyone so ignorant, we pay our taxes on time, these are all our hard earned money, public money and budgets should be utilized for the development and welfare of the society. Not to build mansions and private villas with Jacuzzis.


What is your response people, do we need another disappointed Govt. Speak up people. I only want to advocate good governance and prosperity to bring equal rights to society.


Whilst corruption remains the core issue, people should be bold and educated to address and lead our new younger generation to a new world order. Free from corruption.


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