The Morung Express

Quiz #126


1. According to a SCERT survey, which language was the second preferred medium of instruction in the majority of government schools in Nagaland?

a) Mother Tongue

b) Nagamese

c) English

d) Hindi


2. A locally designed rice thresher was recently introduced in which village under Mokochung district?

a) Longkum

b) Umgma

c) Sungratsu

d) Mopungchuket


3. Who is the youngest Asian Games’ youngest medalist?

a) Bunga Nyimas

b) Aliqqa Novvery

c) Margielyn Didal

d) Ian Nuriman Amri


4. Rikako Ikee, who has become the first female athlete to be named the Most Valuable Player (MVP) at Asian Games, belongs to which country?

a) North Korea

b) Japan

c) South Korea

d) China


5. Which country has took over the chairmanship of the 5th Summit of BIMSTEC?

a) Myanmar

b) Bangladesh

c) India

d) Sri Lanka


This contest is open ONLY for students.
Cut and send in your answers along with your name, class and name of institution to The Morung Express Office,
H/No.4, Duncan Basti, Dimapur.
You can also email the answers to or WhatsApp/SMS @ 8787846184

Answers to Quiz #125: 1-a, 2-c, 3-d, 4-a, 5-c

Winner: Genevive Yanthan
St.Joseph.Hr.Sec.School, Chümoukedima

Each week, one lucky winner will be awarded a gift worth
Rs. 500. The winner may collect the prize or re deem any product/good worth the same from
G-Sports, Multi Disciplinary Sports Complex, Near DC Court Junction, Dimapur (Or) G-Sports, Shop No. 15, Second Gate, NH-29, Chumukedima

*Winner should bring along a valid ID to claim the prize.