Quiz #156

Quiz #156

1.What was the final figure of women involved in the dance declared by the Guinness World Records as the “largest traditional Konyak dance” recently?
a) 4680

b) 4,687

c) 4700

d) 5000

2. An overall 83.12% voter turnout was recorded in Nagaland for the lone Lok Sabha constituency on April 11. Which election district recorded the highest?
a) Mokokchung

b) Peren

c) Pughoboto

d) Mon

3. What is the name given to the first ever picture of a black hole taken recently at the centre of Messier 87, or M87, a massive galaxy located 55 million light-years from Earth?
a) PÕwehi

b) Kumulipo

c) Mauna

d) Abell 1201 BCG

4. Which institute from Northeast has been ranked highest in the recent 2019 National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF)?
a) IIT, Guwahati

b) RIIMS, Imphal


d) Tezpur University

5. Tiger Woods recently secured his first major victory in 11 years and his fifth green jacket by winning Augusta National Golf Course. How many major golf title he has won so far?
a) 12

b) 13


d) 15

This contest is open ONLY for students.
Cut and send in your answers along with your name, class and name of institution to The Morung Express Office,
H/No.4, Duncan Basti, Dimapur.
You can also email the answers to morunglearning@gmail.com or WhatsApp/SMS @ 8787846184

Answers to Quiz #155: 1-d , 2-b, 3-a, 4-d, 5-d

Winner: Vikrino
Hope Academy Dimapur

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