Quiz #19

Quiz #19

1. What department was recently segregated from the Ministry of Communications and made a ministry?
a) Ministry of Law and Information Technology
b) Department of Electronics and Information Technology
c) Department of Telecommunications
d) Directorate of Advertising & Visual Publicity



2. With facilities like potable drinking water, mobile charging points and bio-toilets among others, the rails recently rolled out its first modern unreserved coach to be used in mail and express trains. What is the name of the coach?
a) Bharat Abhiyan            b) Pukalu Papito
c) Pheen Lalu                    d) Deen Dayalu



3. Which Naga designer was awarded the “Cosmopolitan India X Fiama Di Wills Blogger Award”?
a) Atsu Sekhose               b) Aien Jamir
c) Ikali Sukhalu                d) Asa Kazingmei



4. How much does Nagaland spend annually on import of livestock?
a) Rs 231 Crore              b) 92 Crore
c) 150 Crore                    d) 250 Crore



5. Who won the Tour de France 2016?
a) Ilnur Zakarin              b) Jarlinson Pantano
c) Chris Froome              d) Ion Izagirre



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Answers to Quiz#18
1c, 2b, 3a, 4a, 5d



Winner of last week’s contest:
Chophi Kika, DBS Dimapur
Consolation prizes:
Heisuibuile, DC court Junction, Dimapur
Niboli Achumi, Padum Pukhuri


First Prize- Rs. 300 + T-Shirt
Two Consolations – Rs. 100 + T-Shirt each
Winners may collect the prize money from The Morung Express Office, H/No.4 Duncan Basti, Dimapur
T-Shirt to be collected from G-Sports, Shop No 11, Joyce Complex, 2nd Gate, Chumukedima
*Winners should bring along a valid ID to claim the prizes