Quiz #20

Quiz #20

1. The International Tiger Day is observed on which date?
[A] July 28                [B] July 29
[C] July 30                [D] July 26



2. Which committee will be constituted by Union Government for timely implementation of Central Schemes?
[A] Parishad               [B] Samrasta
[C] Disha                     [D] Milap



3. India has signed a $1 billion deal with which country for 4 P-8I submarine hunter aircrafts?
[A] United States       [B] Russia
[C] Germany              [D] France



4. How many medals did Nagaland Wrestling Association (NWA) win at the recently concluded 5th NTWFI’s Traditional Wrestling & Pankration National Championship 2015-16, held in Pune?
[A] 14                         [B] 15
[C] 16                         [D] 17



5. The foundation stone of Dhansiri-Zubza BG line was laid down by the Union Minister for Railways on August 1. It will cover a distance of:
[A] 95.5 kms           [B] 90.5 kms
[C] 96.5 kms           [D] 98.5 kms



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Answers to Quiz#19
1 b; 2 d; 3 b; 4 a; 5 c


Winner of last week’s contest:
Akiuba TS, Secretariat, Kohima
Consolation prizes:
Lily, Zubza
Vizosuto Khanyo, Urra Village, Dimapur


First Prize- Rs. 300 + T-Shirt
Two Consolations – Rs. 100 + T-Shirt each
Winners may collect the prize money from The Morung Express Office, H/No.4 Duncan Basti, Dimapur
T-Shirt to be collected from G-Sports, Shop No 11, Joyce Complex, 2nd Gate, Chumukedima
*Winners should bring along a valid ID to claim the prizes