Quiz #96

Quiz #96

1. Recently awarded India’s fourth highest civilian honours – the Padma Shri, this octogenarian is Nagaland’s first woman to be trained in Gandhian way of social work. What is her name?

a) Lentina Ao Thakkar

b) Neidonuo Angami

c) Temsutula Imsong

d) Chubalemla Ao


2. Who is the author of the book “Wings of Passion”?

a) Arundhati Roy

b) Arenla Subong

c) Easterine Kire

d) Temsula Ao


3. Over a century after it was first documented and feared to have gone extinct, a rare plant species that contains anti-carcinogenic properties has been rediscovered by a forest officer in Assam. What is the name of the plant species?

a) Camptothecin gandheli

b) Nothapodytes nimmoniana

c) Ophiorrhiza rugosa L.

d) Ophiorrhiza mungos L.


4. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s plan to provide health insurance for about half the country’s population would require an estimated –

a) Rs. 11000 crores

b) Rs. 1.7 crores

c) Rs. 70,000 crores

d) Rs. 8.3 crores


5. India defeated Australia to win the Under-19 Cricket World Cup. India’s tally of U-19 World Cup titles now stands at___?

a) 2

b) 3

c) 4

d) 5



This contest is open ONLY for students.
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Answers to Quiz #95: 1-a; 2-b; 3-b; 4-c; 5-a

Winner: Kiivemuri Nyekha,
Daeshin Academy
Each week, one lucky winner will be given a prize of Rs. 500. The winner may collect the same from
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