REALISTIC RESPONSE: ASU 27th Biennial Conference from April 7

REALISTIC RESPONSE: ASU 27th Biennial Conference from April 7

Morung Express News
Kohima | April 3


The Angami Students’ Union (ASU) will be holding its 27th Biennial General conference from April 7 to 9 at the Centenary Compound, Jotsoma village under the theme ‘Realistic Response’.


Holding a press conference at the ASU office, the Union informed that the theme of the conference ‘Realistic Response’ has been inferred basing on the present context where discussions continues without any response towards solutions. In our discussions, we talk only about theories, stated Convenor Kelhouneizo Yhome, however very few delve into the praxis therefore the theme aims to lead the students’ community forward towards responding of realities.


“We (Angamis) are often referred as leaders, elders of Naga society but sometimes we fail to understand where we are really leading the society, whether we are carrying the society forward,” said Yhome who also pointed out that the ASU has adopted a new culture since its last tenure -stopping the invitation of VIPs and politicians as speakers and special guests, and instead invite intellectuals and experts from various fields to help students develop better knowledge.


“This is a new beginning for the Angami students,” added ASU President Dievi Yano. The conference will therefore witness experts from the academia, and technical professions speaking on various topics in relation with the theme. Er Vipulhou Lhoungu, Principal, Govt Polytechnic Kohima will be speaking on the topic ‘Building Leadership-Realistic Response’ in the introductory session on April 7.


In the inaugural session, Er Kevisekho Kruse, Chief Engineer PHED Kohima, Nagaland will be speaking on the theme ‘Realistic response’ on April 8 which will be followed by the literary session, where extempore competition, and a debate on the topic ‘Angami Student are progressing’ will be held.


In the academic session, which will be held in the evening session, Hovithal Sothu, Deputy Director ATI Nagaland will speak on ‘Excellence-Realistic Response’ while Kekhrie Yhome, Former Asst. Professor Delhi University & Nagaland University will speak on ‘Socio-economic & Political Conditions- Realistic response’.


The ASU also informed that on Sunday, April 9, a devotional service will also be held where the whole village will be commemorating Palm Sunday together. Rev. Dr. Sanyii Iralu, Principal, SBS Sechiima, Nagaland speak on ‘The Call for integrity-Realistic Response’ in the service.


Speaking on ‘Affirmative Decision-Realistic Response’ Er. Krosii Rhetso, Chief Engineer, R & B Kohima, Nagaland will conclude the Valedictory session which will also include the election of new officials for the next tenure.


There are 82 villages under the four ranges of the Angami Students’ Union and over 1000 delegates are expected to attend the 27th Biennial conference.