Recollection of the tragic fire incident

•-People of Nagaland are shocked when the Residential Office of the head of State Government is reduced to ashes. Expression of sympathy and solidarity poured in from all quarters of Nagaland.  
What thought might be in the mind of the Chief Minister when his self is touched tragically? People within Nagaland State as well as from other parts of the country are watching and waiting for the reaction of the Chief Minister. He calmly faced the devastating situation with self compose and grace. His daily routine of official discharge was carried on just the next day without interruption as if nothing tragic had occurred. Great man as he is- he remained great. The true self is revealed when a person is in the crisis. Indeed such a person is admired and complimented. Here is a great man leading a peculiar state such as Nagaland.
I personally met Mr. Neiphiu Rio two times with the help of Mr.T.R.Zeliang, the Hon’ble Minister (Planning) on two different occasions. Once at his Dimapur Residential Office and again after a gap of two years at Kohima Residential Office. He has a very sharp political acumen, statesmanship and social commitment with generosity and compassion. I happened to meet many great personalities like Indira Gandhi, Jagjivan Ram and Governors and Chief Ministers of different states. Mr. Neiphiu Rio is one amongst many great men and women I met. I greatly admired him and continue to regard him as great and honest man.
There is a true story. One day the life time hard works of Thomas Edition, the great inventor – was completely destroyed when his Workshop was burnt down to ashes by fire. When the fire was raging in inferno, he called his wife and said to her, “Watch carefully as you will never see such great fire in your lifetime again. All my past mistakes are burnt and destroyed. Now, I can start afresh”.
Not only the head of state but we all the people – the Nagas and the rest of the country can start afresh leaving behind the past mistakes in this New Year 2011 AD!   

Achun Kamei, Chairman,
Rani Gaidinliu Integrated Foundation(RGIF)
H/O-Kohima and Working Office-New Delhi.