Respect the honour given to you by your people

Rev. Vichakielie Perheilie Khruomo


The Lord might have intended to show it to the world that what kind of leaders we Nagas have chosen for ourselves. Thus, the 60 MLAs in one accord are dancing without any embarrassment and unveiling their bright and dark side to the world.


Dear Ministers and MLAs, your running errand is all for your own fame and advantage that every Nagas knew. Running errand from one to the other is a sign of your filthy heart, unthinking heart, and your immature heart. As long as u possessed such signs in you, you are unworthy and unfit to be a leader over the people. Kaziranga Party (KRP), do God does not exist here in Nagaland to help you? To empower your government why do you run together in Kaziranga, the jungle reserved forest which is kept for the wild animals? The Nagas does not worship the wild animals; hope you are not bringing their blessing for the Nagas.


I am a servant of God. The Lord is feeling jealous over us. So to be cautious for the future, I am making this public statement both to Kaziranga Party (KRP) and to the Nagas too.


Let us not be like how Kazi and Ranga have disappeared in the forest.