Are respective tribe insecurities and tribe self-interests leading to increased ‘tribalism’ in Naga context? Why?

Are respective tribe insecurities and tribe self-interests leading to increased ‘tribalism’ in Naga context? Why?

Some of those who Some of those who voted YES had this to say: 

• Yes in general, because only the – narrow, vision-less, selfish, uneducated, educated but with no sense of being educated – bunch of nincompoops with no integrity are the ones leading most of the tribes and their countless sub-organisations. What else can we expect?


• Yes… Tribalism is all pervasive in our land. Sorry but it’s the truth.


• Yes, tribalism is growing rapidly. With so called apex organizations trying to mobilize their own communities more and more, this is leading to more isms. Today a street brawl between two drunkards can suddenly become a clash between two villages or even two tribes. This is the reality.


• Yes. Tribalism is killing the Nagas. It has affected the government and even our national struggle. Can you believe it, tribalism has even spilled over to the social media. That is the power of tribalism and the worst part is we are all responsible for it.


• Yes, powerful people feel extremely insecure and are also driven by self-interest. These powerful people make their personal issue into a tribe issue by galvanizing their own community. This is a terrible sickness that we are experiencing in our society.


• Yes, and we have to know the past truth before judging one another. Time to unite as one.


• Yes, there is a lot of tribal insecurities, as well as tribal superiority complex and all these self-interest are adding to problems. We cannot deny it and that is why we will not progress.


• Yes, tribalism and Indian politics are very much connected. Soon after Nagaland became a state of Indian union, unprecedented  amount of money and power was given to the Nagas which were often misused benefiting only a section of Naga tribes. Division of  power and money was never fair which led to further mistrust dividing the Nagas on tribal line – my tribe, their tribe – a destructive approach adapted by our not-so-far-sighted leaders. Today, it has adversely affected the very fabric of each tribe because of corrupt ways of living with no glimmer of hope in sight as every new leaders turns out to be no better than the previous one, whose common interest are only to exploit their people.


• Yes. But there is nothing to gain by promoting tribalism. Let us remember, we are in the 21st century, the third millennium after Christ’s coming to earth. We need good roads, proper healthcare and competent education policies to generate jobs for the burgeoning Naga youth population. We need regular power supply. And tribalism would not solve these problems. Rather, villagers must come under the banner of districts and regions, but not in the form of a tribe or group of tribes with inflated egos. Kuknalim.


• Nagas are HAMSTRUNG BY PREJUDICES. It’s about time, this tribalism or politics played on tribal lines come to end. What legacy are we leaving for posterity?


Some of those who voted NO had this to say: 

• No, it is not tribal insecurities and tribal self-interest. I will say it is tribal narcissism that is the root of tribalim.


• No, it got nothing to do with that. Its all my fault and I am very sorry to all my fellow Nagas.


• No. Unscrupulous individuals who are mostly politicians who lost elections, those desperately trying to make a name for themselves in society and retired bureaucrats who became fierce Johnny -come -lately patriots, key board warriors and paper tigers are trying to use and influence  gullible tribal hohos and youths to go against long drawn Indo-Naga settlement. The reason for the insecurities of such individuals is plainly seen as they sit on the other of the fence (Indian colonialists) all their lives waiting for their monthly salaries and pensions. Nagas in general pay a heavy price for such misadventure of jealousy wrapped in the guise of tribalism.


• Why should large tribes feel insecure when they are supposed to help the weaker tribes. Have we thrown away all Christian principles for our selfish ends – me, my children, their properties and prestige – without any concern for others?


Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say: 

• It’s more regionalism than tribalism. But of course insecurity, trust deficit, selfishness, self righteousness are the factors that breeds the “ism” among the nagas.


• The irony is most of us are still confused about what tribalism is. We depend on google for information. But google is not the answer. We need to read and explore before making any comments.


• Every tribe has forgotten that 21st century has arrived… and you can preserve your culture but can’t administrate region through that! It is as simple as that.


• Both yes and no… This problem will change only wen we convert “ism” into “wasm”.


• The other day I was there for the Morung Lecture. It was an eyeopener for me to hear an elder Naga say that before statehood there was no tribalism. But that after statehood because the districts were formed according to tribal lines, this has increased tribalism. I agree with this statement. Today, every tribe is seeking for their own recognition and district.


• Tribe insecurities and tribe self interest are copied from advance tribe by the un-advance tribe in general, if I may say so.