Response to ‘Know Your Scholarship Entitlement’

Kudethito Lohe

Hope Institute of Theology, Dimapur


I on behalf of the aggrieved theological students hereby express our gratitude and thanks to the retired director of Higher Education, AM Toshi Jamir for disclosing some of the probable reasons as to why the post matric scholarship to the theological students in our state has been stalled since 2015 onward.


As per the disclosure, the following two main points have come to light to be the reasons for the discontinuation of scholarship to the theological students in our state. In other words, in order to get qualified for the theological collages to avail the scholarship for its students, some laid down rules are to be observed.


1. The theological colleges should be affiliated to the Senate of Serampore University or otherwise.
2. The complete official procedures are to be fulfilled in the manner of how secular colleges are enabled to get the same entitlement for their students viz:-


I. To obtain the order of college registration from the directorate of higher education, Nagaland.


II. The Non-Objection Certificate (NOC) from the state government.


III. The permission list from the Nagaland University (NU).


Based on the above inputs and clues the colleges are hinted to pursue the facilities to enable their students get the benefit as such.


It is reported that there are about 29 theological colleges in the state presently. And these theological colleges were getting the same facilities prior to the discontinuation of the same atleast for 30 years.


In the light of the above reasons it is pertinent to ask: whether all theological colleges would agree to affiliate their institute with Senate of Serampore University, if not why? Are the students whose colleges affiliated to the Senate of Serampore University being provided with the same scholarship?.


If not why our Naga Theological Students are denied with the same facilities, whereas the theological students from our neighbouring states whose colleges affiliated to the Senate of Serampore University are getting the facilities?.


Now, the ball is in the court of theological colleges to put heads together to work out and approach the concerned authorities and enlist the names of their students to enjoy the benefits at par with secular students at this juncture and to open up the same avenue for the generation to come on urgent basis.


May God bless all the concerned authorities and leaders of our state to extend help together and atleast work out a positive mechanism to enable the theological students get their rightful entitlement without delay.