Restructuring government schools in Nagaland- Need of the hour

Ilungsap Reunim: The government of Nagaland and the public should come to a realization now that it is only the private institutions that have the ability to provide quality education. The reason we see many youngsters dropping out of schools and other students unable to get access to government institutions is because of the shortages of seats and the inability on their parents to afford private institutions which leads to stagnation and wastage in the overall educational set up in the state. The recent NBSE result has made it clear like any other year that the govt. institutions are in no position to beat the private run institutions to provide better results anytime soon. The government spends crores of rupees every year providing salaries, free textbooks, mid day meal and other resources to the students only in the end to come up with very negative remarks in the students’ performance. My suggestions therefore are that the government should assist financially to those good performing private institutions. The reason I’m saying this is because most of these reputed schools charge a very high amount of fees from the students and therefore with the government’s help it can lessen the parent’s burden. The other reason is that most of the teachers who are responsible for producing toppers in NBSE are waiting for govt. jobs. And as soon as they get it they straight away join govt. job. They, without any second thought leave the schools behind which leaves the schools to search for a new inexperienced teacher again just to fill the empty space. Therefore, if the government can provide financial assistance to those good performing schools in the form of raising the teacher’s salary, then I hope the teachers and other staff would never think of leaving the institutions and thus providing a better result. It is better to water a tree which bears more fruits than to waste water on the tree which bears no fruits at all.


Izierang Nza: While that’s a good point but won’t it be better if govt. enforced rule to every govt. employees to keep their children in govt. run school? Then we can see progress in both the school.


Willam Kr: When it comes to education system in Nagaland the whole education system, be it in government or private institutes, need to be restructured. Let’s take the case of our toppers who in their future could not perform what other state toppers could. In fact, most of our toppers in classes 10 and 12 are just mere performers in Nagaland. The very fact that only few could get admitted in IITs, IIM or other reputed institutes indicates our poor quality education. Just check the recent UPSC CSE result and compare to our neighbours like Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Manipur; over the last many years we have been behind them. I was shocked when I attended Manipur (by Manipuri I mean including tribal) students’ union Delhi fresher meet where there were 15 student graduates from IIT Delhi alone. Every good institute in Delhi University like Stephen’s, Hindu College is filled by Manipuri students the same goes for JNU. In fact I could hardly find professor from Nagaland in Delhi University when Manipuris have almost one professor in each college. My whole point is that we need to structure our education system in such a way that every student clears the “Basic concept”, not based on grades as it will automatically follow. Moreover we need to create a fresh competitive environment. Competitive environment has died down to zero level. Seriously we need a wakeup call and learn from our Neighbours only then we will be able to face this competitive world. (I am not criticizing anyone just positively putting my thoughts).


Theja Lohe: I agree bro and my view on this is basically spoon feeding system. Students here mostly depend on lecturer/professor notes till graduation. They have become so dependent and so even after graduation many couldn’t face the reality of competitive world. Yet again if a teacher doesn’t give the notes from A-Z parents start complaining, college students start failing in those specific lecturer’s subject or start bunking class of those lecturers who do not give notes. So in the long run no one benefits.


Food for the soul

Hutovi Yeptho: Till the time we study hard, work hard in fields and produce in surplus, till the time we plant tree and sell as firewood, till the time we do manual labour, build house, road, pull rickshaws, work as mechanics, carpenters, work in private firm as sales men & women, take up watchmen job, work in grocery stores, sell newspapers, clean cars, weave cloth & sell, and most importantly live by what we earn, live only on the salary we are paid and NOT extravagant, send our children to private schools & private college only if we can’t afford, eat simple meals, wear simple cloths, use basic phones, only build churches & its infrastructure purely on the tithe & offering received from members’ hard earned money, legal money… not forced donation.


Till we do these basic human requirements, like every human does on earth in a civilised world, we will always be depended on politicians for backdoor appointment (where you don’t have to go to office), contracts works (in which you are not qualified to do the said jobs), search for govt supply, take loans & not repay. These ultimately lead us into worshiping our politicians – live & die for them without a second thought even when they are absolutely wrong. More importantly even those politicians who have a genuine heart and mind for our land are being forced to steal, take bribe, deduct bill etc just to meet the needs of public who are daily waiting with open mouth for money…including even paying for the children’s school admission, and daily kitchen maintenance.


The only way to eradicate this epidemic is to work hard for one’s own needs (and save some for rainy days), live only by that level of income you & I earn.


Or else we will keep selling our life & soul to politicians for everything and they will take us (not their fault only, they are compelled) into further gloom where we will fight against each other in village, in town, in subdivision, in district & in capital, as tribes and finally destroy our last prized possession – our identity as NAGAS.


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