Retention of Placenta in dairy Cow

Retention of Placenta in dairy Cow

Veterinary Hospital Kohima

Retained placenta has been defined as a condition where there is retention of fetal membranes beyond 8-12 hours after calf delivery. This is a pathological condition in which the fetal villi fail to detach themselves from the maternal crypts and results in retention of the fetal membranes. The incidents of retention of placenta are more in high milk producing cow. Various factors associated with retained placenta are:-

  1. Abortion
  2. Dystocia
  3. Pre mature birth
  4. Induced birth
  5. Twinning
  6. Excessive body weight
  7. Vitamin and mineral deficiency
  8. Diseased condition like brucellosis and milk fever
  9. Hormonal imbalance
  10. Hereditary factors
  11. Seasonal factors

A cow with retained fetal membrane in one delivery has greater risk of reoccurrence in subsequent deliveries.


  1. Drop in milk production
  2. Loss of appetite
  3. Infertility problem
  4. Increased inter calving interval
  5. Uterine discharge for a long period after calving
    In case your dairy cow showing any of the above mentioned symptoms after calving the farmer should immediately consult a Veterinarian or visit the nearest health centre for proper and timely treatment.