Revival of Akikiti displayed at Hornbill Fest

Revival of Akikiti displayed at Hornbill Fest
Players displaying the Sumi kick fight ‘Akikiti’ at Kisama Amphi Theatre on December 6 at Kisama. (DIPR Photo)


Kisama, December 6 (MExN): Sumi kick fight ‘Akikiti’ was displayed at Kisama Amphi Theatre on December 6 at Kisama. Akikiti is a form of a vicious martial art where soles of your feet are your only weapon and your only defense. It is initially played as an amusement game for men and also used to settle disputes between two parties or individuals whenever it arises but now it can be categorised as athletics.


The game is played between two players hopping on the left and striking lightning kicks with the right leg receiving and eluding at a great speed without losing balance. In this game using hand is a foul. The rounds are played usually 3-4 minutes. The last person after eluding kicks from his opponent and remains standing after kicking his opponents to fall is declared as the winner. This game requires extraordinary strength along with the skills of dexterity, agility and elasticity.


With the vision of promoting and reviving, Akikiti is played every year during Thuwuni festival (Indigenous games & sports Olympic), in the month of November at Pughoboto.


The Aphuyemi Akikiti Association was formed on April 22, 2014, with the motto ‘Imheh no ikumto’ (my culture my strength).


The participants were the finalist of the Thuwuni Akikiti Championship 2018 in Junior & Senior category. There were four matches- in junior category the participants were Mughavika, Vika, Puloto & Hito, and the winner were Hito from Chisolimi village and Vika from Mukalimi Village. In senior category the participants were Itobo, Shekuto, Itoka & Aghavito, the winners were Itoka from Awolimi and Shekuto from Mukalimi village.