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RMSA Director responds to NPRAAF

Limawabang Aier
State Mission Director

Attention of State Mission Office, RMSA is drawn to news item which appeared in the local dailies on 10th Oct 2017 by Nagaland Public Right Awareness and Action Forum (NPRAAF) with regard to delay in release of RMSA Teacher salary.


Funds sanctioned and released by the Government of India (GOI), Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) are for various purpose and not only for salary. Also, fund released by MHRD for one purpose cannot be utilised for another.


Funds received by RMSA during 2016-17 and 2017-18 till date is shown as below.

During 2016-17, salary of teachers was released upto Sept. 2016 as the State did not receive 2nd Instalment from the GOI. During 2016-17, GOI has released Rs 1541.71 lakhs as backlog salary of last year and accordingly salary was released. Salary for RMSA teachers has been released upto June 2017.


During 2017-18, the State Government has given advance salary to RMSA amounting to Rs 303.58 lakhs and the same was refunded to the State Government.


The GOI has sanctioned Rs 1180.62 lakhs as 2nd part of the 1st instalment. The SMO, RMSA is doing its best to get release of the sanctioned amount for payment of salary to RMSA teachers.