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Sao Chang Government College opens museum

L Jamithung Lotha, Deputy Commissioner of Tuensang inspecting the various items displayed in the traditional museum at Sao Chang Government College, Tuensang on April 12.


Tuensang, April 13 (MExN): Sao Chang Government College, Tuensang inaugurated a traditional museum at the college on April 12. The inauguration was done by Deputy Commissioner of Tuensang, L Jamithung Lotha.


According to a press release from Media Cell of the college, the main objective of the museum is to encourage participatory culture where students can learn the various traditional items and share their creative skills in art.


The college has invited everyone and anyone to display their artworks in the museum. “Through such participatory activities, the museum hopes to educate the students on where we have been, where we are now and where we are going,” the release added.


It was informed that the college museum was set up under the initiative of the History department with active participation of the faculty members and overall supervision of the principal.